Henvey Inlet Wind

Henvey Inlet First Nation Reserve No. 2 Lands, Ontario

Henvey Inlet Wind is the largest First Nation wind energy partnership in Canada. Henvey Inlet First Nation, through its subsidiary Nigig Power Corporation, partnered with Pattern Canada in 2014 to jointly develop, construct, and operate the 300 MW Henvey Inlet Wind site and its associated transmission line.

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  • Henvey Inlet First Nation (HIFN) is an Anishinabek community in Robinson Huron Treaty territory. The wind facility is on HIFN Reserve No. 2 lands on Georgian Bay’s northeast shore near Britt, Ontario.

  • HIFN designed and implemented an Environmental Stewardship Regime under the federal First Nations Land Management Act. Henvey Inlet Wind is the first project to adopt and implement such a regime. The project also required extensive consultation and permitting with Canada Wildlife Service (CWS). To enhance the region’s biodiversity, HIFN and CWS created the Eastern Georgian Bay Initiative, which will receive $1 million in funding from the facility each year of operations.

  • The facility expects to generate up to $10 million in annual revenue for Henvey Inlet First Nation. Henvey Inlet Band Members will determine how proceeds are used, which may entail expanding Band services, reinvesting in new research and business development, paying Band Members a “dividend.”

Henvey Inlet Wind supports four key regions along its affiliated 104 km transmission line. The Municipality of McDougall, Township of Seguin, Township of Carling, and Township of the Archipelago will each receive $1 million over the first 20 years of operations to fund community initiatives for the benefit of their residents. The facility also contributes to local communities through sponsorships and donations to groups, causes, and events.

We place great importance on being an active part of the local communities where we have a presence.

Please let us know if your group would like a presentation or if you have suggestions for community sponsorships and local causes we can support. 

The two-year construction period for the wind project and its affiliated transmission line entailed about 1,200 workers during peak activity, creating significant benefits for the Georgian Bay area economy, including $25 million in direct economic activity for local First Nations businesses.

Henvey Inlet Wind partners with Henvey Inlet First Nation and Nigig Power Corporation to support antipoaching efforts in the region. Raising awareness is an important part of protecting wildlife. Click the link below to download an informational poster to spread the word.

The facility uses 87 Vestas 3.45 MW turbines with a 136-metre rotor diameter and 132-metre hub height to harness energy from the wind. About 20 team members operate and maintain the site, which reached operations in 2019, and HIFN expects more than 100 additional jobs created through the expansion of Band programs and services.

Electricity produced by Henvey Inlet Wind is equal to the annual needs of about 250,000 Ontarians and sold to the Independent Electricity System Operator under a 20-year power purchase agreement.

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Henvey Inlet Wind – Documents



Transmission Line Leave to Construct

Environmental Permit

First Nation Land Laws

Environmental Assessment Reports

Appendix F1: Natural Heritage Assessment: Records Review

Appendix K: HIWEC Archaeological Assessments

Volume C – HIW Overlapping and Cumulative Effects Assessment

Draft Reports

Pre-Interim Draft Reports:

Interim Draft Reports:

Draft Reports

Appendix F: HIWEC Natural Heritage Assessment

Appendix K: HIWEC Archaeological Assessments

Volume C – HIW Overlapping and Cumulative Effects Assessment

Transmission Line Route Maps

Public Meeting Materials