Pattern People: Finding Homes Away From Home with Pat Murray

August 13, 2021

Pat Murray

A Familiar Face

If you’ve been to an event hosted by a project or facility owned or operated by Pattern Canada and its partners across the country, you’ve probably met Pat Murray.

Pat has been with Pattern Canada for the past 10 years, and in that time, she’s visited every Pattern Canada operated facility in Canada and several operated by our sibling company in the United States.

Her career began at South Kent Wind, managing the project office in Blenheim, Ontario, just 20 minutes from where she grew up and the place she continues to call home.

On the Road

From the Chaudière-Appalaches region of Québec to the Peace Region in British Columbia and every site in between, Pat has met hundreds of landowners, residents, leaders, and business owners across Canada.

As the Community Relations Coordinator, she aims to visit each place where Pattern Canada works at least once a year, ideally for a local celebration, facility milestone or landowner appreciation event.

“It gives me an opportunity to meet with the site team to see what’s happening in the community. It’s also really great to explore the local area, learn what the community is like, what matters to them, and to shop from small independent businesses,” Pat explains.

Local area swag

Homes Away From Home

Pattern Canada facilities typically are located in rural areas with just a few small towns, which Pat says makes her job even more enjoyable.

“I grew up in Thamesville, Ontario, and the population there has always been around a thousand people. So it’s natural for me to visit other small communities and feel at home in these rural settings. Each community is unique, but everyone is down-to-earth and that’s something that reminds me of home,” she says.

It’s that sense of community that keeps Pat coming back.

“People are always ready to step up and take care of each other. They band together to get things done, and you see hope in these communities that you don’t always find elsewhere,” Pat says.

“…and you see hope in these communities that you don’t always find elsewhere.”

Local, Local, Local

Throughout the past decade, she’s seen many examples of locals supporting locals across the country, and she’s incorporated that into the events that happen at each site.

“When I go into an area where we are hosting or participating in a local event, it’s usually in a small town or remote community. There aren’t many restaurants or caterers nearby, but there’s usually someone or some organization in the community willing to cater a meal and who knows what the guests will appreciate. So, the food is always great, and we supported a local cause, organization or business. It’s a win-win,” she explains.

But that’s not all. She makes sure that flowers and decorations are sourced as locally as possible, and any specialty items like gifts or giveaways are from a North American distributor.

Local gifts and decorations

Feels Like Home

From visiting each site to sourcing local vendors, Pat has been building relationships across the country since 2011.

Her favourite place to visit?

“I can’t choose just one. The people make each community, and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know so many of them. Each one of these places feels like home,” says Pat.