Argentia Renewables

Port of Argentia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Located at the Port of Argentia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Argentia Renewables is a renewable energy powered green hydrogen and ammonia production and export facility.

The project will utilize Newfoundland & Labrador’s outstanding wind resource to produce cost-competitive, green fuels readily available for export to global markets.


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  • Our approach to building successful facilities is to work closely with residents in a way that is respectful and fits the needs of the landowners and communities that host us. We seek to build partnerships and bring long-term benefits to where we operate. We prioritize relationship building and open communication and aim to address and incorporate feedback, and further local benefits.

The project is expected to consist of approximately 300 megawatts of installed wind power and will power the production of green hydrogen, through the process of electrolysis, at a world-class hydrogen electrolyzer facility located at the Port of Argentia.

Carbon-free ammonia will be produced using the green hydrogen, which can be safely stored and shipped to end-use customers around the world.

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  • The project is expected to require capital investment in excess of $1.5 billion CAD, representing one of the largest renewable energy investments in Canadian history.

  • The project is expected to create 250–300 construction jobs, including equipment operators, electricians, labourers, environmental monitors, and more. Pattern Energy is an equal opportunity employer, and we focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in our workforce in all phases of a project.

    We prioritize hiring and sourcing materials locally when possible. Once operational, permanent staff will operate and maintain the facility.

  • The Cape Shore Ecological Centre of Excellence, to be funded and formed in connection with the project, will devote resources and expertise to the protection of species and biodiversity in the Cape Shore and Placentia Bay region. Pattern Energy will work with regional and global environmental experts to promote the protection of the local ecosystem and advance important research in impact mitigation technologies.

  • Pattern Energy is committed to engagement, consultation and partnerships with Indigenous communities. We seek opportunities to work together with Indigenous peoples to share knowledge, create employment and contracting opportunities, and explore ways in which Indigenous communities can directly benefit from our projects. 

We are involved in community giving throughout the life of our projects. Acting as a good neighbour benefits both the communities where we develop and the long-term success of our facilities. A Regional Community Benefits Program will support the local economy and ensure benefits to municipalities and Local Service Districts in the region have a lasting impact through direct community payments, sponsorships and donations.

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  • The Port stands on the cutting edge of the transition to renewable energy. The Argentia Renewables project will generate significant capital investment in the region and create jobs in servicing project infrastructure and plant operations. This development at Argentia aligns with provincial and federal initiatives in reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

    Scott Penney Port of Argentia CEO
  • As an Indigenous Newfoundland and Labrador company, SEM is extremely proud to have the opportunity to work with Pattern Energy. They have approached Argentia Renewables with purpose and thought for future generations, aligning with our core values and beliefs. SEM has always envisioned an energy mega project that can create lasting benefits for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. Now we get to be hands on, helping make that a reality.

    Grant Vivian SEM President, CEO

We place great importance on being active in the communities where we have a presence.

Please let us know if your group would like a presentation or if you have suggestions for sponsorships and local causes we can support.

Projected Schedule

  • 2024
    Completion of environmental and feasibility studies, acquiring regulatory approvals, securing offtake arrangements 
  • 2025 
    Target Construction 
  • 2027
    Target Project Operations


What is Green Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is currently produced at scale around the world for myriad industrial applications, including chemical/steel/concrete manufacturing, oil refining, and more. At present however, the current means of hydrogen production rely heavily on fossil fuels. Green hydrogen generated from renewable electricity such as solar or wind power by electrolysis, can help decarbonize our power and fuel supply and create new pathways for economic development.

Why is Green Hydrogen Important?

Green hydrogen has two classes of use—decarbonize economic sectors that are hard to electrify; and replace natural gas/oil with clean electricity in chemical manufacturing processes—allowing it to offer the only clear pathway to decarbonizing parts of our economy that electrification can’t reach, such as heavy industry and transport. This allows for the utilization of existing infrastructure in energy transition, saving sorely needed capital for use in other areas.

Why Pattern Energy?

Our resources, experience and market credibility position our company to meet the many challenges associated with commercializing gigawatt-scale green fuels export projects in remote locations.

Working with world class partners, community hosts and residents, local governments, and First Nations, we are committed to making these projects a reality.

Pattern Energy’s Port of Argentia project is strategically located on the Avalon Peninsula and is one of the closest shipping ports to Europe in the Western Hemisphere.

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