St. Joseph Wind

Rural Municipality of Montcalm, Manitoba

The St. Joseph community had the vision to add a wind crop to its agricultural economy and organized a committee to find a business partner and advance the opportunity. St. Joseph Wind reached operations in 2011, becoming the largest wind energy facility in Manitoba.

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  • Approximately 375 workers were onsite to construct the project, with a workforce consisting of 75% Manitobans and an additional 18% from other provinces. Ten team members operate and maintain the site, in addition to the use of local contractors and seasonal workers.

  • Over the first 27 years of operations, St. Joseph Wind will pay an estimated $44 million in property taxes and $38 million to the family farmers hosting the facility. Two-thirds of the tax revenue goes to education and one-third to the local communities.

St. Joseph Wind contributes annually to support the Musée St. Joseph Museum, a must-see attraction that displays the town’s rich history. The facility is proud to support other local groups, causes, and events through our sponsorship program.

We place great importance on being an active part of the local communities where we have a presence.

Please let us know if your group would like a presentation or if you have suggestions for community sponsorships and local causes we can support.

The 138 MW facility utilizes 60 Siemens Gamesa 2.3 MW wind turbines. The design and orientation of the Red River Valley coupled with the prevailing winds present ideal conditions to harvest the wind.

Manitoba Hydro purchases St. Joseph Wind’s electricity generation, equal to the needs of about 120,000 Canadians each year, under a 27-year power purchase agreement. 

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