At Pattern Energy, we believe in creating a positive and healthy working environment that provides personal and professional development.

Having diversity in our teams and leadership, and providing an environment where employees from underrepresented groups are encouraged and empowered, leads to a more engaged workforce and better outcomes for all of our stakeholders.

Learn more about our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and supporting a work culture where everyone feels they belong.

Affinity Networks

Asian and Pacific Islanders in Renewable Energy

AsPIRE’s mission is to celebrate, support, and empower the Asian American and Pacific Islanders community at Pattern by providing opportunities for education, leadership, and community engagement for our members. Our vision is to cultivate a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace that celebrates and supports Pattern’s AAPI community.

Women in Renewable Energy

The mission of WIRE is to empower the women of Pattern to achieve their highest professional and personal potential while they transition the world towards renewable energy. Our vision is to create a diverse, all-inclusive community that supports the growth and development of its members by providing leadership, networking, educational, and mentoring opportunities.

Pattern PRIDE

Pattern PRIDE’s mission is to serve as a resource to all Pattern employees with a focus on those who are members of the LGBTQ+ community through education, networking, and mentoring opportunities. Our vision is to create an inclusive space where employees who are members of the LGBTQ+ community feel represented and safe while in the workplace.

Blacks in Renewable Energy

The vision of BiRE is to be a conduit for Pattern to recruit prospective employees, retain current employees, and develop the next generation of renewable energy leaders. BiRE facilitates, influences and empowers its members in the growth and development of the following areas: Recruitment & Community Outreach, Retention, Professional Development, and Networking.

Pattern Care Givers

The mission of Pattern Care Givers is to serve as a resource to the entire organization, providing a safe community for employees to interact on a more personal level. Our vision is to positively influence the professional environment, to ensure professional development of all Care Givers and their allies, and to assist the organization in achieving its diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives.

Renewable Energy and Latinx

The RÉAL Affinity Network’s mission is to empower and celebrate the Latinx community at Pattern through facilitating opportunities for community engagement and cultural education for our members. Our vision is to facilitate an inclusive environment in which to inspire, empower, and celebrate the Latinx community at Pattern.

Veterans in Renewables

The Veterans in Renewables mission is to serve as a valued resource to existing Veterans and veteran supporters at Pattern and in the renewable energy industry through awareness, mentorship, and recruitment.

Headquartered in San Francisco, we monitor our fleet from our Operations Control Center in Houston and have offices in Albuquerque, San Diego, Toronto, Boulder, and Mexico City.