Argentia will be ‘a first mover of hydrogen’ in global transition, says Deputy PM

August 29, 2023

Walking on the grounds of the port of Argentia, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland touted Newfoundland and Labrador as being on the precipice of becoming a world leader in the global energy transition.

“The people who are here right now, you’re actually at the very centre of probably the most important thing happening in the world today,” Freeland told reporters and a crowd of workers Monday. “You are in the vanguard, you are so close to becoming a global hub for renewable energy, to becoming a first mover in hydrogen.”

Freeland spent Monday touring the port facility, expected to become a site of hydrogen production. Hydrogen that is transitioned to ammonia will be shipped from the port to Germany in its quest to transition away from fossil fuels.

The federal finance minister said Canada has made strategic investments into green energy, citing hydrogen tax credits that could give breaks of up to 40 per cent of a project’s total cost, and the federal contribution of $38 million toward the $100 million port expansion announced in July.

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