Southern Spirit Transmission

Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi

Pattern Energy is developing Southern Spirit Transmission to create a robust, HVDC transmission line between Texas and Southeastern transmission grids. The project will facilitate a valuable connection to diverse energy resources and provide significant reliability benefits to ERCOT and the Southeast region. 

Southern Spirit is designed to provide access to reliable, affordable energy for customers throughout Texas and the Southeast. The bi-directional line will allow power to be shared between the grids, especially in times of high energy demand. 

The project is being privately funded by Pattern Energy and is projected to deliver significant consumer savings across the region.  

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  • Access to reliable electricity from diverse energy sources

    Substantial electric ratepayer savings across the region.

    Over $2.6 billion in private new infrastructure investment that will provide widespread direct and indirect job creation and economic benefits

  • Thousands of construction jobs. The project will prioritize local workers

    Millions of dollars of opportunity for local businesses to provide materials and services throughout the construction period and beyond

  • Over $615 million in total projected tax revenue

    The line will be on easements granted by landowners, providing a new source of income

Our approach to developing and operating successful facilities starts with relationships. 

We are committed to listening to and respecting the landowners and communities that host our projects and being involved in engagement and giving activities for the long term. 

Open communication is just the start. We welcome feedback about how we can give back and do better. 

Southern Spirit will begin in Louisiana at the Texas border and extend approximately 320 miles to Mississippi. It will connect into Texas by way of the Rusk to Panola Transmission project in partnership with Garland Power & Light. 

Southern Spirit is designed to use state-of-the-art 525 kV high voltage direct current (HVDC) technology—resulting in higher overall efficiency and reliability than a comparable alternating current system moving the same amount of power.  

The project will consist of electrical transmission facilities in Louisiana and Mississippi, including: 

  • HVDC converter station located in western Louisiana
  • Approximately 320 miles of HVDC 525 kV transmission line across Louisiana and Mississippi 
  • HVDC converter station located in eastern Mississippi

Projected Schedule

  • 2025
    Target Construction Start 

  • 2028
    Target In-Service Date
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