Southern Spirit Transmission

Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi

Southern Spirit Transmission is an approximately 320-mile ±525 KV, ~3,000 MW high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line connecting Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. (ERCOT) and Southeastern transmission grids.   

The Project will enhance reliability, facilitate a valuable connection to diverse energy resources, enhance grid resilience during extreme weather and usage events, and provide electricity consumers with access to low-cost energy.

Southern Spirit will also have the capacity to transport power in either direction along the line allowing sharing between the grids, particularly during periods of high energy demand.

Project Benefits

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  • Provides reliable power for ERCOT and Southeastern grids, addressing growing demand by increasing access to existing supply in both regions.

    Offers support during extreme weather events by allowing power to be shared between grids.

    Increases electric diversification to help drive down rates for electricity customers, especially in time of high energy demand.

    Enhances grid reliability through the distinctive advantages of VSC HVDC technology.

    Preserves ERCOT’s independence via Federal approval granted.

Southern Spirit will begin in Louisiana at the Texas border and extend into Mississippi. It will connect to Texas by way of the Rusk to Panola Transmission Project in partnership with Garland Power & Light. 

  • Approximately 320 miles of ±525 kV
  • HVDC transmission line across Louisiana and Mississippi
  • HVDC converter station located in Choctaw County, MS
  • 500kV alternating current transmission switching station in MS

Projected Schedule

  • 2028
    Target Full Construction Start 

  • 2031
    Target In-Service Date

Privately funded by Pattern Energy, Southern Spirit represents a more than $2.6 billion dollar investment and will serve as a long-term asset to the region.

The Project will generate economic benefits through right-of-way payments to private landowners, increased tax revenue, and job creation.  

$600 million

Projected tax revenue in Louisiana and Mississippi


Construction jobs

$2.6 billion

New private investment

Our approach to developing and operating successful projects starts with relationships. We are committed to listening to and respecting the landowners and communities that host our projects and being involved in engagement and giving activities for the long term.  

Open communication is just the start. We welcome feedback about how we can give back and do better. 

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What is the history of the Project and how was the route selected?  

In 2015, Pattern began the development of the route through extensive environmental evaluations, public engagement, and collaboration with local officials and stakeholders in cooperation with state and federal agencies. A comprehensive initial Project Study Area was created for potential route alignments. From there, potential routes were developed based on social, environmental, and economic conditions as well as feedback from stakeholders. In 2016, communities were invited to participate in public meetings, including an online option, and provide information pertinent to the routing process.  Following the open houses and collection of comments, route alternatives were modified, analyzed, and updated. Potential routes were submitted to state authorities but were later delayed due to market conditions.   

In 2021, Southern Spirit reinitiated the project and began re-evaluating various alternative routes. The team is working with federal, state, and local agencies to collect information that informed the continued development of the proposed route. Pattern subsequently updated and refined the proposed route based on community development and changes in environmental conditions. Southern Spirit’s proposed route location has now been determined, with the exception of potential minor adjustments based on community landowner input.  

As of summer, 2023, the Project is in the field study, right-of-way acquisition, and permitting phase of development. Southern Spirit is coordinating with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, along with other federal and state permitting agencies, such as state game and fish departments, state historic offices, and local levee districts, as the project develops. Construction will commence after the project obtains the necessary regulatory approvals and secures all land rights. Southern Spirit could be operational as early as late 2029. 

What regulatory approvals are needed for Southern Spirit?

In February of 2023, the Project submitted its application to the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) for approval of a route corridor. Similarly, in February of 2023, the Project submitted an amended and updated version of its 2017 application to the Mississippi PSC for approval. Once the Project has cleared the required processes with the two Public Service Commissions the project team will work with various agencies to secure the necessary permits for the final Project route. 

What are the advantages of HVDC technology?

Southern Spirit is a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission line. The use of HVDC technology results in higher overall efficiency, a smaller footprint, and fewer wires than a comparable alternating current (AC) system to transmit the same amount of power.  Additionally, HVDC technology allows ERCOT’s islanded, asynchronous grid to access power sources that already exist today without having to build those additional power sources within Texas.   

Is HVDC technology deployed in Texas today?

Yes.  There are four HVDC connections between Texas and neighboring power grids, including two in North Texas connected to the Southwest Power Pool (Oklaunion and Welsh) and two in South Texas connected to the Mexican National Grid (Laredo and Railroad).

How does Southern Spirit acquire rights-of-way? 

Southern Spirit team members contact landowners with a goal of good-faith and open negotiations for an easement for the line. Details of Southern Spirit, property rights needed, location of the easement, and compensation are discussed with each property owner individually. In addition to following all state laws and applicable court rules regarding rights-of-way acquisition, Southern Spirit adheres to an internal code of ethics regarding land agreements and is committed to conducting easement negotiations in a manner that is fair to landowners and respectful of their private property rights. 

How can a member of the community provide input on Southern Spirit?

Public input is a critical component of Southern Spirit’s development, and Pattern’s business approach. We invite feedback by phone, via the website, or through email. Landowners contacted about the Project will have a right-of-way agent who can assist them. We will host various forums along the proposed route to share information, solicit input and answer questions. We are committed to open communication and encourage you to get involved.   

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