Southern Outdoors Unlimited 2023 Sportsman’s Banquet a success

November 29, 2023

Southern Outdoors Unlimited held their 2023 Sportsman’s Banquet at the Clyde Muse Center in Pearl, Mississippi, on August 17 to raise funds for their ongoing mission to introduce youth with disabilities to the outdoors. The event was also an opportunity to celebrate some of the children who have been able to experience the outdoors on their own terms thanks to help from the organization. 

Mississippi is blessed with incredible natural beauty. For children with disabilities it can be hard to take advantage of what so many others take for granted.

Southern Outdoors Unlimited wasn’t the only host of this year’s banquet. The Outdoor Ability Foundation came from Alabama to participate. They do similar work for kids in Alabama. Collaborating across borders for a shared mission makes everyone stronger.

Landowners, guides, volunteers and community

Southern Outdoors Unlimited, a nonprofit, touts “hunting, fishing, faith, and fellowship” as being at the center of everything they do. Landowners in Mississippi are a key part of the team as they make the land they own available for the organization’s events throughout the year.

For SOU, success isn’t measured by how many deer they can hunt, but by teaching children about the outdoors, respecting nature, and creating memories for these kids that will last a lifetime.

Volunteers and community members enjoy helping out as well. Getting kids out in the wild for fishing and hunting that might otherwise not be able to is a point of pride for everyone involved, as they remember early experiences in the outdoors and feel honored to do the same for kids in Mississippi.

Pattern Energy’s Southern Spirit Transmission is proud to have sponsored Southern Outdoors Unlimited 2023 Sportsman’s Banquet.