Southern Spirit Transmission Creates Job Opportunities in Louisiana

November 29, 2023

Southern Spirit Transmission is on track to become an important part of US energy infrastructure. The proposed 320-mile-high voltage direct current transmission (HVDC) line will connect the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and Southeastern transmission grids, creating greater flexibility in how energy is distributed across the region. 

The new transmission line’s benefits are already being felt in the communities where it is being developed. A transmission line of this scale can only be built with dedicated contributions from local people and businesses. 

Jeremy Jones of Monroe, Louisiana, recently joined the Southern Spirit team as a field representative. In his role, Jeremy will support Southern Spirit Transmission’s efforts to engage with the community. 

As a local, Jeremy knows and cares deeply about Monroe. The opportunity to represent his hometown and neighbors is a big reason he’s excited to be on the team.

Conversations with members of the Monroe community will be a key component of Jeremy’s work on behalf of Southern Spirit Transmission. Along with answering questions about the project, he’ll also listen closely to help Pattern develop a complete picture of the needs and concerns of people living near the transmission line’s route. 

Resiliency for the Future

Southern Spirit Transmission will enhance the reliability of the energy grid across the South. Creating a bridge between Texas and the Southeast will allow power to flow to where it is needed most, especially during major weather events.

In his role at Pattern, Jeremy will share facts like these and more with the community to help everyone better understand the project and how it will affect them.

People who live in Monroe stick together, helping each other overcome challenges and achieve greater things. Jeremy shares that mindset, and thinks of his work for Southern Spirit Transmission as a new way he can help his community become more secure and resilient for the long term.

Welcome to the team, Jeremy. We’re honored to have you with us.