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At our core, we are an energy company with a mission of transitioning the world to renewable energy. Our portfolio is 100% renewable energy, which means we use the sustainable resources of the wind and the sun to produce electricity, minimizing impacts to our environment.      

But sustainability is not only about the environment. It is also about how – in pursuit of our success – we engage with our local communities, workforce, partners, shareholders, and other stakeholders to grow our business in a manner that improves and strengthens the interrelated systems our company, and the world, depends on.  

As such, we want to share some of our activities in the area of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Our inaugural sustainability report details our sustainable practices and performance metrics in accordance with the GRI Reporting Standards: Core option. It includes concrete examples of how we demonstrate our commitments and apply our management approach on a range of ESG topics, including environmental stewardship, health and safety, workforce leadership, community relations, and governance. 

We believe the combination of our sustainable business model, strong governance practices, and talented workforce gives us the ability to create long-term value for our shareholders while contributing to a low carbon economy, making us well-positioned to help achieve the increasingly aggressive renewable energy and decarbonization targets set by governments and corporations.

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