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Forging a Cleaner Future Together

Welcome to our 2023 Sustainability Report. It is both exhilarating and humbling to lead Pattern as it enters a new defining chapter – one in which the world is racing to address the impacts of our changing climate. We’re in an economy-wide transformation where decarbonizing our energy systems is imperative and is a goal aligned with Pattern’s mission to transition the world to renewable energy.

The power industry is at an inflection point. Demand for clean, renewable energy, driven by private and public commitments and electrification across our markets, has never been higher. At the same time, the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act’s historic passage in 2022, combined with the clean technology Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and clean hydrogen ITC in Canada, provides long-term policy support for clean energy in North America. This moment calls for Pattern’s experience in building at scale.

Over the last 14 years, we have grown our operational fleet to more than 35 utilityscale renewable energy sites, totaling over 6,000 MW of installed capacity. In 2022, we expanded the distributed energy and storage side of our business – powering municipalities, businesses, and schools – by acquiring Dynamic Energy, and we built an internal green fuels team to further diversify our reach.

We’re building our organizational capabilities and operational excellence to respond to demand and market trends. The expansion of our origination team helps us better understand our customers’ needs, and we’ve built the enterprise to deliver renewable energy where they are and when they need it.

Last year was the first year of operations of our Western Spirit Wind facility in New Mexico, the largest single-phase wind power installation in the U.S. The facility’s production increased Pattern’s annual generation by more than 20% and helped meet surging energy demand in the West. Our sites produced energy equal to the annual electricity needs of 4.2 million people.

Pattern continued development on our SunZia Wind and Transmission project, a capacity three times that of Western Spirit Wind, and received all necessary county and statelevel permits. The Bureau of Land Management published its Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision earlier this year, and we expect to start major construction activities in 2023.

These two projects demonstrate how Pattern confronts challenges. We thrive on solving complex problems and have the experience to deliver North America’s most significant renewable power projects. We do not, however, tackle or overcome challenges alone.

Our teams work with diverse stakeholders to advance our mission – from landowners and communities hosting our projects, organizations providing insightful feedback, customers purchasing our power, regulators granting permits to operate, and project lenders investing in a sustainable future. We also work with experienced construction contractors and prioritize safety of their staff as well as ours. We reduced a key safety metric by more than half in 2022 compared to the previous year, driving toward our goal of zero injuries.

Throughout the lifecycle of our assets, we strive to listen to, learn from, and support our local communities. Last year alone, we provided more than $90 million to the local economies around our sites and offices through property taxes, land leases, and community contributions.

This track record led the First Nations Major Projects Coalition to select Pattern as the first renewable energy member of its Sustaining Partner Program. Our involvement will provide additional opportunities to continue our work with Indigenous Peoples on essential clean energy infrastructure projects.

Pattern’s successful track record with partners includes our work with our affiliate, Green Power Investment Corp. (GPI), which has grown into a leading renewables business in Japan. Over the last year, we continued the construction of the Ishikari Offshore Wind and Storage Project, Japan’s largest combined offshore wind and energy storage facility.

We also saw the need for more of a local force with deep connections to partner with GPI and drive its business forward. In 2023, we announced an agreement to sell our ownership interest, the culmination of a successful partnership. I am grateful to the GPI team for the years of friendship, collaboration, and success.

From our investments in our communities and commitments to environmental stewardship and safety to how we empower our workforce, we infuse sustainability practices into all we do. We strive to maximize the benefits created by our activities and expand opportunities for our stakeholders. And, of course, a vital aspect of growing a sustainable company is supporting our employees.

I am proud that Pattern was recognized as a 2022 Top Workplace in the Bay Area by The San Francisco Chronicle and also as the #1 renewable energy company. We invest in our employees by providing competitive compensation and benefits and career development opportunities. We are building a workplace culture where everyone feels they belong and knows they are valuable contributors to our collective success.

We must apply a perspective of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to everything we do – internally and externally. We’ve come a long way in our approach to DEI since our inception, and I’m excited about how we’ve positioned ourselves to continue significant growth in this area. With input from all employees, our internal DEI Council developed the Pattern RISE program last year to expand how we contribute to diversity, equity, and inclusion across the company.

Pattern people have the heart and passion to drive our mission forward. This passion, combined with our experience, organizational capabilities, and intuition, make us a leading force in the energy transition. We look forward to working with you, our stakeholders, to transition the world to renewable energy.

Hunter Armistead

CEO, Pattern Energy