Environmental Stewardship

Statement of Environmental Commitments

Pattern Energy is committed to protecting the environment. We believe climate change is the world’s biggest environmental challenge, and producing energy from clean, renewable sources is essential to reducing the global carbon footprint. We consider it our responsibility to produce and transport renewable energy to consumers in a way that respects the integrity of our environment. To this end, Pattern Energy strives to:

  • Develop, construct, and operate responsibly by complying with all environmental laws and regulations as our minimum standard and implementing best practices where local regulations are not as stringent.
  • Assess potential positive and negative ecological impacts and incorporate them into our decision-making, applying our creative spirit and energy to explore sustainable mitigation solutions to minimize adverse effects.
  • Listen to people in communities where we work, including community representatives and natural resource agencies, during the planning of our projects.
  • Site and design our projects in a manner that respects wildlife and their habitats.
  • Construct our projects using best practices to prevent pollution and conserve our natural resources.
  • Work to monitor, report, and continually improve our overall environmental performance.