and Culture

Statement of Community
and Cultural Commitments

Pattern Energy is committed to developing lasting partnerships with the local communities where we have a presence. We believe being a good neighbor benefits both the areas where we operate and our company’s long-term success. We are committed to listening to and respecting the landowners and communities that host our projects and being involved in engagement and giving activities for the long term. To this end, Pattern Energy strives to:

  • Respect the heritage and history of Indigenous Peoples in all communities.
  • Treat landowners and community members with respect and work hard to gain their trust.
  • Share information and solicit input to build local relationships while respecting and considering all points of view.
    • Explore ways to support the growth of healthy and vibrant communities where we work through sponsorships and donations.
    • Identify and assess potential positive and negative community and cultural impacts to inform our planning and decision-making.
    • Design and construct our projects and operate our facilities in a manner that complies with all siting regulations.
    • Work to monitor, report, and continually improve our overall performance, incorporating feedback into our outreach and giving programs.