Supporting Wildlife Rescue, Inc. of New Mexico

January 29, 2024

Founded in 1981, the nonprofit Wildlife Rescue, Inc. of New Mexico (WRINM) rescues and rehabilitates injured wildlife found across the state. The all-volunteer organization operates a clinic at the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park, where they help animals recover in a safe setting. 

WRINM averages 2,000 intakes of injured wild animals each year. Guided by core values of compassion, conservation, and education, the team works hard to restore the animals’ health so they can be safely released back into their native habitat.

Wildlife rescue is challenging work. Facilities and teams need to be prepared to handle everything from a kangaroo rat to an eagle or a javelina. 

WRINM also provides educational opportunities for schools and other organizations. Students learn about conservation practices, hazards faced by wildlife, the food web, and much more.

Pattern Energy recently made a donation to WIRNM. Permitting and Policy Strategy Director Adam Cernea Clark admires the contribution WRINM is making to the state’s ecological health.  “Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico is a nonprofit doing important work rescuing wild animals in New Mexico,” he says. “We were happy to support  their mission.”

For anyone interested in the work of WRINM and/or interested in volunteering with them, their website offers ways to help including donations, volunteering, and spreading the word about their programs.