Pattern Energy’s First 15 Years: A Retrospective

June 20, 2024

Pattern Energy is celebrating our fifteenth anniversary this year. Our story is not only one of growth and innovation, but also one of deep gratitude.

Since our inception in 2009, the communities that host our facilities have been integral to our success. As we celebrate this milestone, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the communities that have supported and partnered with us throughout the years.

Early Successes: A Testament to Community Support

Pattern would not be the company we are today without the close relationships we developed in the company’s earliest days. We owe much of our credibility and early accomplishments to the faith and cooperation of the communities we serve.

Our early achievements, from the financing of Hatchet Ridge Wind in Burney, California, to the acquisition of Gulf Wind in Kenedy County, Texas, were made possible by the unwavering support of the people who call those places home.

The successful development of St. Joseph Wind in St. Joseph, Manitoba established Pattern as a trusted partner for community-led renewable energy initiatives. The project began as a vision of local leaders, who selected Pattern to bring their plan to life.

Building Connections in Canada

St. Joseph Wind was also Pattern’s first Canadian development project to reach commercial operation, creating a foundation for further partnerships across the country.

Our joint venture with a Samsung subsidiary in Ontario marked a significant milestone in Pattern’s growth. It led to the development of South Kent Wind in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, and other major projects. The collaborative spirit of local stakeholders was instrumental in bringing these ambitious projects to life.

Broadening Our Horizons

From the rapid growth of 2012, which saw the operationalization of Spring Valley Wind (Ely, Nevada), Santa Isabel Wind (Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico), and Ocotillo Wind (Ocotillo, California), to our expansion into new markets, the communities’ support remained our cornerstone.

Our IPO in 2013 and subsequent expansion through acquisitions like Post Rock Wind and Lost Creek Wind, further highlighted the importance of our partnerships with local communities in the Midwest and beyond.

Growing Globally

We are grateful for every relationship we have built to support the growth of renewable energy across the Western Hemisphere and around the world.

As Pattern grew, we developed partnerships with local businesses and communities in Chile, Japan and Mexico. We successfully built Chile’s largest wind energy facility, El Arrayán Wind, and enjoyed a fruitful partnership with Green Power Investment Corp., a Japanese developer. Our ongoing joint venture with CEMEX is supporting Mexico’s transition to renewable energy.

The success of these ventures would not have been possible without close collaboration with local partners and the communities where we have had the opportunity to work.

Partnering with Indigenous Leaders

Pattern’s story is not complete without mentioning the important relationship we have enjoyed with Henvey Inlet First Nation in Ontario, Canada. Like St. Joseph Wind, the development of Henvey Inlet Wind began with the local community. Pattern is honored to be trusted by Henvey Inlet First Nation to operate the facility in a manner that respects their community’s close connection with the land and its profound connection to their cultural heritage.

Such partnerships would not be possible without local people who generously share their time and ideas to help bring projects to life.

A Shared Vision for the Future

As Pattern looks ahead to the next 15 years, we recognize the ongoing importance of local communities in shaping our efforts to transition the world to renewable energy.

The monumental SunZia Wind and Transmission project, once complete, will be the largest combined renewable energy project ever constructed in the Western Hemisphere. To accomplish such a feat, Pattern has relied on the support of local partners throughout northern New Mexico and Arizona.

Thank You

To every community that has hosted and supported us, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your trust, collaboration, and unwavering support have been the bedrock of our success. As we embark on the next 15 years, we remain committed to fostering these relationships and working together to create a sustainable future through renewable energy. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey.