Santa Isabel Wind Gets to Show Off

July 14, 2022

The Finca de Viento Santa Isabel team is proud to operate the first commercial wind energy facility built on the island. The team enjoys showing visitors around, helping them learn about wind energy up close, and seeing how the facility fits into the surrounding farming community.


Unusual guests 

In June, Facility Manager Oscar Velazquez and Assistant Facility Manager Carlos Roman hosted a tour of Finca de Viento Santa Isabel for members of the Southeastern Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (SEARUC). SEARUC is dedicated to analyzing and improving the performance of public utilities throughout the southeastern United States. This year they held their annual conference in Puerto Rico, giving their members a chance to experience all that the Island has to offer.

SEARUC visitors were in Puerto Rico for a break from usual work, desiring to learn more about how Finca de Viento Santa Isabel fits into the Island’s energy plan, how its team works, and how the facility is prepared for and recovered from Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico’s unique context offers essential lessons for wind energy everywhere.

Two farms sharing one land

The local hospitality didn’t stop at the energy facility. Finca Don Manuel, a leading tropical fruit farm and co-tenant on lands where Finca de Viento Santa Isabel’s turbines stand, graciously invited everyone to enjoy a spectacular lunch. Along with delightful food, visitors developed a better understanding of how wind energy can partner with surrounding agriculture to improve outcomes for everyone.


Would you like a tour?

Oscar and Carlos always enjoy showing off the facility and what it’s like to work there. Tour guests get to handle technician safety gear and get up close to the base of a turbine, so they can see first-hand how a wind farm operates.

To learn more about the wind energy facility and how to contact us to request a tour for your school or group, please click here to visit the facility’s web page.