Santa Isabel Wind

Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico

Santa Isabel Wind—referred to locally as Finca de Viento Santa Isabel—is the first wind facility in Puerto Rico and is located on land owned by the Puerto Rico Land Authority. The site infrastructure occupies only 21 cuerdas, preserving a way of life and thriving agriculture.

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  • Santa Isabel Wind is a $200-plus million private investment by Pattern Energy, helping the Island diversify generation sources, lower electricity prices, and reach its renewable energy goals.

  • Santa Isabel Wind provides an important source of revenue for the Puerto Rico Land Authority, contributing more than $1 million annually to lease the land. It also increased net farmed land on the property by 350 cuerdas by improving roads and irrigation to areas previously inaccessible.

  • Project construction concluded in 2012 and entailed approximately 350 workers during peak activity. The site has eight on-site personnel and uses local contractors to operate and maintain the facility.

Over the first 25 years of operations, Santa Isabel Wind expects to pay more than $35 million for land royalties and taxes. The facility also supported the community’s needs by contributing $500,000 to the Santa Isabel Medical Center. The donation helped fund an expansion of the medical center, purchase hospital beds, X-ray imaging, laboratory and office equipment, and make parking lot improvements.

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The site utilizes 44 Siemens Gamesa 2.3 MW turbines to capture the winds on the southern side of Puerto Rico, which are consistent during the peak hours of energy demand, making them a unique, local resource for the Island.  

Harvesting the wind provides a long-term, low-cost energy source for the Island. Santa Isabel Wind helps reduce the cost of electricity for all Puerto Ricans by selling its electricity, equal to the annual needs of ~80,000 people, to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority under a 20-year Power Purchase and Operating Agreement.

Compared to electricity generated with oil, Santa Isabel Wind avoids more than 180,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year—equal to taking 36,000 cars off the roads annually.

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