SunZia Wind and Transmission

New Mexico and Arizona

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  • SunZia Wind and Transmission will combine to create the largest clean energy infrastructure project in United States history.

    SunZia will harness and deliver renewable energy, power critical to meeting the growing demand in the West and maintaining grid reliability.

New Mexico boasts some of the most abundant, constant wind energy resource in the United States. This resource is currently trapped due to the lack of transmission infrastructure. SunZia Transmission will carry this vast resource to areas with high demand for power, delivering fuel-free, affordable energy to Arizona and the Western US.  

  • 2023
    Target full construction start
  • 2026
    Target commercial operations


New wind energy generation

3,500+ MW

±525 kV High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission line

~550 miles

Americans supplied with clean power annually

3 million
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  • The SunZia Wind and Transmission projects are expected to generate $20.5 billion dollars in total economic benefit, including direct, indirect, and induced economic benefit as well as fiscal impacts.

Together, the projects will generate $1.3 billion in fiscal impacts that will go to governments, communities, schools, and landowners across New Mexico and Arizona. These benefits are generated through sales & use taxes, property taxes, and land payments to federal, state, and private landowners.

Total economic benefit

$20.5 billion

Direct economic investment

$16+ billion

Indirect and induced economic benefits across New Mexico and Arizona

$3 billion

Direct payments to local governments, communities, schools, and private landowners

$1.3 billion

Permanent jobs


Construction jobs


We believe in being good neighbors through long-term engagement. Pattern Energy commits to respecting landowners and communities that host our projects through relationship building, open communication, listening, and receiving feedback.

If you have any questions or grievances, please call Pattern toll free at 855.780.3859, email [email protected], contact us through the form below, or you may make an anonymous report through EthicsPoint. For more information on our grievance process, see our Human Rights Statement.

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SunZia Wind has established robust best practices to reduce project impacts and study effective habitat restoration strategies in partnership with local and state experts.

SunZia Transmission is setting a precedent with a gold standard in environmental mitigation projects developed hand-in-hand with the environmental community.

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  • The SunZia Wind and Transmission projects have been developed with a deep commitment to environmental stewardship, following through on an extended engagement with local, regional, and national conservation stakeholders.

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