2024 Pinal County Fair: Great times for the entire community

April 11, 2024

The Pinal County Fair came to life at the Pinal County Fairgrounds in Casa Grande, Arizona, March 13-17. Despite some rain on the opening night, the fair was a smashing success.

“The weather did not cooperate on opening,” says Misti Todd, Executive Director of the Pinal County Fair.  “We had a fair bit of rain, and that kept turnout low, but the very next day the skies cleared and we were packed.” 

Livestock show and auction

Each year, the fair’s big highlight is the livestock show and auction. Participating youth spend all year raising and preparing their animals for the show, which features a wide variety of animals.

The livestock event offers opportunities for competition in numerous categories, ranging from small stock like poultry, rabbits and goats, to large stock like pigs and cows. Part of the purpose of having so many categories is to ensure everyone who wants to participate can.

The show keeps its judges busy. Rounds of judging take place every day. As time passes, fairgoers can spot award ribbons pop up on the cages and pens of winning animals.

Youth Ag Mechanics silent auction

The fair’s focus on agriculture doesn’t stop with animals. The Youth Ag Mechanics silent auction invites youth to create useful items to sell. This year, kids built tables, tools, patio furniture, and more.  This year’s event even featured objects made using metal fabrication techniques and even 3D-printed items.

“It’s really wonderful,” says Todd. “Youth are able to show off their projects, and then sell them in the auction, and the projects they come up with are fantastic!”

Entertainment, rides and lots of delicious fair food

“This year we had some great family-friendly entertainment that was a hit with everyone,” Todd says.

Among the entertainers was Hillia the hula hoop champ, who can simultaneously hula hoop a staggering amount of hoops at once. James Reid of Dangerously Funny Juggling mesmerized audiences. Shawn Eric of Shawn Eric Magic added a pinch of mystery to the day. The Golden Riders rode motorcycles at high speeds enclosed in a metal sphere, thrilling the crowd.

Every great fair has rides, and this year the fair did not disappoint. A large section of the fairground was covered in carnival rides. There was something for everyone, from small children to adults.

Todd says the huge variety of food vendors helped to make this year’s fair especially delightful.

The Importance of Community

“One of the things I truly enjoy,” says Todd, “is that I saw a lot of returning faces this year.

“Sure, we had a little rain at the opening, but after that cleared the fair was full of happy, smiling faces from the community, and really that’s what it’s all about. All of us coming together to enjoy our community, and each other.”

Pattern Energy was honored to be a sponsor of this year’s Pinal County Fair. We’re proud to support events that bring people together in the communities that host our projects.