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Biden’s Big Infrastructure Plan Would Further Boost Renewable Energy

President Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan would supercharge an already booming clean-power sector by expanding subsidies and addressing key bottlenecks impeding the shift to a greener grid.

Pattern Energy Makes Significant Contribution to Protect New Mexico’s Imperiled Bird Species

Pattern Energy, an independent renewable energy company, entered into an agreement to fund extensive new research by Bird Conservancy of the Rockies to study birds associated with piñon-juniper woodlands in New Mexico.  Pattern Energy’s $80,000 contribution will support scientific monitoring of the potential impacts from management activities on the pinyon jay and other declining birds associated with piñon-juniper woodlands. 

WILD for Wildlife

We have a fun activity that will get you WILD for wildlife! If you’re looking for an educational and exciting at-home craft, this is perfect for you.

How renewable energy projects are powering – and empowering – Indigenous communities across Canada

As the largest owner of clean energy assets other than Crown and private utilities in Canada, Indigenous peoples across the country are blazing the trail for rural and off-grid communities alike. According to recent findings, external link, opens in new window by Indigenous Clean Energy (ICE), Indigenous communities are utilizing hydro, solar, wind and storage at a rapidly growing rate, with at least 2,100 renewable projects currently operational or in the final stages of development. The number of major projects has grown by almost 30 per cent since 2017.

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