How Pattern’s Employees Build Connections and Share Perspectives

June 30, 2023

Pattern is fortunate to have operations both in small, rural communities and large, metropolitan areas. Our employees reflect that rich complexity. Their many backgrounds and perspectives are foundational to our strength as a team. To sustain this foundation, Pattern Energy works to create opportunities for our employees at all levels to actively participate in the ongoing effort to create and maintain an inclusive workplace. 

Leadership for all

Pattern’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, or DEI Council for short, leads the company’s efforts in this area. The Council is composed of leaders and employees who are dedicated to supporting the company’s effort to foster a culture of mutual respect and to attract and retain top talent from all walks of life.

The DEI Council recently crafted a new initiative with extensive input from employees. The Pattern RISE program provides opportunities for more employees to get involved in moving DEI efforts forward at the company. RISE creates channels for everyone at the company to give input on the following four related pillars.

  • Representation: Participating employees contribute ideas in support of efforts to include a broad range of backgrounds at all levels of the company.
  • Ignite inclusion: The program inspires the further development of a culture of inclusion and belonging through structural improvements.
  • Starts at the top: Employees help leaders to take concrete steps to demonstrate their commitments to DEI.
  • Enhance equity: RISE participants develop and implement programs to create a culture of fairness in all aspects of the employee experience.

The DEI Council and its RISE program serve as focal points for company-wide diversity initiatives, but the effort doesn’t stop there.  Our enterprise-wide, employee-led Affinity Networks create opportunities for interested employees to build connections and mutual support within focused groups.

The power of Affinity Networks

Every Affinity Network is open to all employees and shares common goals to elevate diverse perspectives and bring the company’s diversity to life through events and cultural celebrations. As of mid-2023, Pattern is home to seven vibrant Affinity Networks:

  • AsPIRE: Asians & Pacific Islanders in Renewable Energy 
  • BiRE: Blacks in Renewable Energy
  • CARE: Caregivers Around Renewable Energy 
  • PRIDE: A group to advance LGBTQ+ representation at the company
  • REAL: Renewable Energy and Latinx
  • WIRE: Women in Renewable Energy
  • ViR: Veterans in Renewables

Each Affinity Network is organized to bring people together and raise the visibility of relevant issues. In 2022, PRIDE hosted a movie club to highlight the intersectionality of gender and sexuality with other affinity identities. For example, together with the REAL Affinity Network, they explored themes of identity, sexuality, gender, class, race, pain, and disability in the movie Frida about renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

The CARE network  is educating and expanding awareness of the challenges caregivers face and building an internal support network for them. In its first year, it sponsored monthly conversations and expert speakers. 

Senior Manager in Accounting Ranjita Mello, who serves as president of the CARE Affinity Network, says, “The demographics of Pattern are changing as more of our employees become working caregivers. I hope CARE can aid in adapting our company culture in response to this dynamic and provide employees with practical support while driving career development.”

To help those in need, AsPIRE worked with our Corporate Giving team to launch an employee donation campaign in response to the historic 2022 floods in Pakistan. 

In June 2023, Pattern employees founded our newest Affinity Network, Veterans in Renewable Energy. This new forum gives the many military veterans on our team a place to explore issues they share in common.

These are just a few examples of how Pattern’s Affinity Networks are deepening conversations and turning our employee’s diverse perspectives into concrete actions. The benefits of these efforts reverberate across the company and beyond.