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Climate change is the defining challenge of our time. The threat it poses to the global economy, geopolitical stability, and the systems that support life on Earth eclipse all other issues facing humanity.

Coastal towns and cities are already enduring rising sea levels. Larger and more frequent wildfires are destroying communities. Droughts are affecting farmland and creating water shortages. All while extreme weather events are leaving billions of dollars of economic losses in their wake.

In 2018 and 2019, I had the honor of participating in an annual meeting of executives from the world’s largest oil and gas companies and investment funds, convened at the Vatican by His Holiness Pope Francis. Framing climate change as an epochal challenge, Pope Francis emphasized our collective responsibility to meet the energy needs of the world’s people while preserving and protecting the natural environment and advancing economic prosperity, especially for the poor.

Pattern Energy is dedicated to confronting this challenge through our mission to transition the world to renewable energy. Everything we do contributes to a larger vision of helping the world combat a changing climate by delivering renewable energy in a way that is economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

I’m proud that we delivered more than 12,000 gigawatt-hours of clean, renewable electricity to the grid in 2019 – enough to power approximately 1.2 million homes. The energy we generated from wind instead of coal avoided carbon emissions equal to taking 2.5 million cars off the roads last year. The facilities we operate also strengthen their local communities, which are projected to receive more than $1 billion in economic benefits over the life of our current fleet.



Sustainability at Pattern Energy

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Our inaugural report shares details about the sustainability of our operations, from the environmental advantages and safety of our facilities and the economic benefits we bring to our host communities, to the ways we support the professional and personal growth of our employees. Sharing our practices and performance metrics demonstrates our accountability to our stakeholders and enables us to find new ways to improve, supporting the long-term sustainability of our business and creating greater value for our shareholders.


Investing in a sustainable future

  • We work closely with our employees to implement effective leadership practices, promote diversity and inclusion initiatives, and provide competitive benefits that support their well-being and professional development.
  • In addition to training programs to support compliance with our policies and improve work-oriented competencies, we offer resources to enhance soft skills and social awareness. Pattern Energy employees received an average of 40 hours of mandatory and voluntary training in 2018.

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  • Our commitment to safety begins with a target of zero injuries. The robust set of safety practices we’ve implemented, and our ongoing training, are designed to achieve this goal.
  • Operations field staff are highly trained in topics relevant to their work and undergo on-site training and recertification. On average, they received 60 hours of operations-related training in 2018.
  • In 2018 and 2019, our operations field staff and contractors had a combined 1.8 TRIR. In 2019, our construction field staff and contractors had a combined 0.48 TRIR for the six construction projects in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

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  • Facility operations is guided by an Environmental Management System that sets forth our procedures, and we have a system for monitoring compliance with regulations, requirements, and permits.
  • Our multi-dimensional approach to safeguarding the environment has resulted in no significant issues of non-compliance, fines, or penalties.
  • The electricity we consume for business operations is less than half of one percent of the clean energy we generate. Wind turbines do not consume water to generate energy.

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  • We believe working with communities and respecting local cultures contributes to facilities that better fit the needs of local jurisdictions and to our long-term success.
  • We prioritize relationship-building and open dialogue, and we aim to engage local stakeholders, address and incorporate feedback, and further local benefits.
  • Our operational facilities in the U.S. and Canada spent nearly $8 million dollars on Community Relations and Benefit Programs in 2018 and approximately $5.6 million in 2019.

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  • We assess critical risk factors for our business on a regular basis, and our risk management committee meets quarterly to track such risks and determine how to mitigate their impacts to our business.
  • Reports to the Board of Directors describe our risks, performance, and goals for expanding our clean energy portfolio in a manner that emphasizes strong business ethics.

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