President Biden Remarks on Pattern Energy’s SunZia Wind and Transmission Project

August 14, 2023

On Aug 9th during remarks in Albuquerque, New Mexico President Biden highlighted Pattern Energy’s SunZia Transmission and Wind as the type of projects that are critical to driving our future economy and help the US meet it’s climate goals. As the largest energy infrastructure project in U.S. history, SunZia is poised to deliver impactful economic benefits and clean, reliable power across the country.

President Biden said, “My administration recently completed a review of the proposed SunZia line to transport energy from a planned wind farm in New Mexico to California… These projects are expected to create 2000 new construction jobs and up to 150 permanent jobs, providing clean energy to up to 3 million Americans.”

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The President also touched on job growth, clean energy investment, the economy and decreased inflation, and infrastructure investment around the country.