Pattern’s Own Danna Small Will Be A Presenter at the Upcoming CANWEA On “Managing Impacts to Bats at Canadian Wind Farms”

Pattern Energy Stories

October 16, 2018

Danna Small, Environmental Manager, will be presenting on October 23rd at the CANWEA Pre-Conference Workshop:  Wind Energy and Bat Conservation Symposium – Managing Impacts to Bats at Canadian Wind Farms.  

Danna has been managing the Environmental Operations responsibilities for Pattern since November 2016.  In that time, Danna has taken a leadership role with CANWEA in completing the Bat Conservation Review document and serving as the industry representative on the national Bird and Bat Monitoring Database Steering Committee.  Danna will be speaking on our recent experiences at MSM where timely, good science proved effective in convincing the agency to agree to a more practicable bat mitigation plan.  

 CANWEA’s own, Brandy Giannetta, sums it up best:  “That’s why it’s important that, as an industry, we are sensitive to our potential impacts and data-driven in our approach to avoiding, minimizing, and mitigating those effects. CanWEA’s new bat review gives industry, regulators, policymakers, and other stakeholders a framework for working collaboratively to protect bats, while at the same time supporting the development of much-needed clean energy supply.”