People of Pattern: Johnny Myers

Pattern Energy Stories

May 26, 2021


Johnny keeps the turbines spinning, even in the depths of a winter storm in February.

We thought our newsletter subscribers would enjoy getting to know some of the people working for Pattern Energy. Our people are doing their jobs proficiently every day, in many different roles; renewable energy has a lot of moving parts! (Pun intended)

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Johnny Myers, Assistant Facility Manager for Logan’s Gap Wind!


Teammate Kira.

Where are you from?

I’m from Azle, Texas, about two hours from Logan’s Gap Wind.

How did you start working in the renewable energy industry?

Before I was in energy, I served in the U.S. Army as an Airborne Ranger.

After leaving the Army in ‘03, I worked on cellular towers until 2005. From there, I moved into wind energy as a subcontractor.

In 2007, I started with Siemens, and I was their Commissioning Lead for 10 years. In 2017, Pattern Energy began to self-perform turbine maintenance for Logan’s Gap Wind, and I joined Pattern Energy at that time.

Johnny mowing the lawn with teammate Aya supervising.

How big is the team at Logan’s Gap Wind?

Our team is a total of 11 here at Logan’s Gap Wind, all from this region of Texas. 

What is the local area like? Where do you live?

We are in Central Texas, and in a very rural area. We have the small town of Blanket a short drive away, and the town of Comanche is right next door.

Living in a rural area is great, and I love it. I purchased 56 acres in Sidney, and have a bunch of animals! Dogs, goats, cats, ducks, and chickens. It’s really great here.

My biggest stress? Sitting in “traffic.” For me, that means I might have to drive behind a tractor for a few miles.” (He laughed.) “There really isn’t stress out here, and I like it that way.”

The local folks are terrific too.The Comanche Independent School District built a Special Event Monolithic Dome that has been great. The community here is wonderful.” 

New friends hatching at Johnny’s.

What is the best part of working for Pattern Energy?

“The company ethics. Pattern Energy isn’t like other companies I’ve worked for. Lots of companies say their employees are family, but Pattern Energy backs it up.

For instance, take bonuses. Normally that’s something for executives only. At Pattern Energy, they share bonuses all the way down the line to us in the field. That means a lot for a person’s respect, and it shows Pattern Energy backs up what they say.”

Micky is great… but needs beauty sleep.

About that Community Dome…

“We have a cool video of it being built. Wendy is our Site Logistics Coordinator here, and her husband shot a time-lapse video of the dome going up. Take a look, it’s really neat how they did it.”

What do you enjoy doing for fun?

“Living in the country, you have to like the outdoors, and I do. I have a new Ford Ranger I like to go overlanding with (overlanding = driving off road with a 4×4 and camping in the wild.) 

Getting outside is always a pleasure, and I live in a great place for it.” 

Johnny’s Overlanding Rig: A Ford Ranger.