Pattern – Faces of Wind Profiles – Ginger Corprew

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September 29, 2020

Project Manager Ginger Corprew might be Pattern’s most location-diverse employee. Originally from New Jersey, she currently works on the New Mexico Project remotely from the San Diego office, via her home in Fresno. Ginger’s been with Pattern since May of 2019, primarily managing pre-construction transmission work. She comes from an electrical engineering background, with years of experience in naval shipbuilding. More than 10 years in the Navy saw her rise from an electrician to foreman to supervisor and finally project manager. She worked on all types of ships, including submarines, but spent most of her career on the construction of aircraft carriers. The fields and pastures of New Mexico are a far cry from the shipyards of San Diego, and while she once oversaw projects on the world’s largest aircraft carrier (the USS Gerald R. Ford), she now manages an undertaking covering hundreds of acres of land while dealing with 300-plus landowners and various counties and municipalities, not to mention prairie dog colonies. As different as the settings are, however, she feels a similar sense of pride in her contributions, and a personal connection as well. “I’ve been deployed on a ship,” Ginger said. “So when I was building ships, I knew what needed to be done. I knew future sailors were going to live there.” It’s the same with renewables. “Now I’m part of building a better future for my kids.” 

Ginger had always been interested in renewables, but not necessarily as a career. With her education and project management experience, however, Pattern saw in Ginger a valuable contributor and reached out last year. She’s enjoyed every step of the journey since. Beyond the challenging and rewarding work, she’s found a socially-focused company culture that gives back to the surrounding communities. “It’s hard to name all the ways I’ve seen Pattern provide support,” she said. “And they keep us updated on the ways they give.” Ginger also points to the shared goals and common mindset of those looking to advance the cause of renewable energy and says you don’t need an electrical engineering background to be involved. Far from it. “There are so many different aspects to renewables,” she said. “We have the technical workers, but there are also lawyers, environmental teams, permitting people, land agents. Everybody can bring something to the table.”