NMSU joins turbine project to capture clean energy, create educational opportunities

December 20, 2022

New Mexico State University

19 Dec 2022


The completion of a wind farm outside of Corona, New Mexico, is not only helping the state’s goal of development a green energy economy, but is creating research and educational opportunities for New Mexico State University students and 4-H and FFA youth.

In September 2017, NMSU’s Corona Range and Livestock Research Center, or CRLRC, joined in Pattern Energy’s endeavor to build a wind farm in the Corona area through a public/private partnership. Construction in the Corona area started in November 2020, with major construction on the CRLRC beginning early spring 2021. The CRLRC is based in the NMSU College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. The project was completed in late 2021.

“The incorporation of clean energy generation in one of the largest land mass ACES science centers marks the new route we are implementing at the college level, and that is diversification of resources to fund research, and the multidisciplinary use of our science centers with other colleges, such as the engineering college at NMSU,” said College of ACES Dean Rolando Flores. “The new teaching and research opportunities this new approach presents is of paramount importance for NMSU in terms of our goals under the ACES and NMSU LEADS 2025 strategic plans; thus, benefiting New Mexico’s agriculture and New Mexicans in general.”

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