New Mexico State Fair Junior Livestock Show Celebrates Youth

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September 28, 2022

The 2022 New Mexico State Fair is back and better than ever!


An FFA competitor poses with her animal and proud Grandfather



The New Mexico State Fair saw the return of the Junior Livestock Auction, and the hall was packed with spectators, FFA & 4-H members showing their animals, and lots of family and friends showing their support. 



The Future Farmers of America (FFA)  and 4-H both work to help shape character development of students who participate in their programs, as well as expose them to opportunities for their futures. 



The young FFA and 4-H members at the Junior Livestock Auction are impressive. Kids not only learn to feed them, they learn everything involved in successfully raising and managing livestock. 



While not all FFA and 4-H members become farmers, many stay in the agricultural field through a variety of career paths: veterinarians, attorneys, engineers, and more. FFA and 4-H allows students to explore different options while planning for their future. 


State Officers of New Mexico FFA showing off their jackets…


Dan Mourning, General Manager of the New Mexico State Fair helped kick things off and he was visibly excited. “Look around! Look at these talented students and these beautiful animals they’ve raised.” he exclaimed.


(l-r) FFA State Officers Karly Neish, Miranda Good, and Grady Hodnett


“This year’s State Fair has been a great success, and we are so excited to have these talented students here with these beautiful animals. It’s going to be a fun day!”

Auction Time 

Before the auction started, an acapella group brought everyone together by singing the National Anthem, giving a moving performance that brought cheers and applause once the group finished.

After that, the emcee began the auction. There was lots of bidding, and when the kids got in front of the emcee and walked their animal around the ring, they all had the same look: Serious. 


Kevin Wetzel, Jeremy Turner and Loralee Hunt plot out Pattern Energy’s bids


As the young competitors watched their animals and guided them around the ring, the hard work they had done raising their animals paid off as the bids came in. 




Though the auction goes quickly, it is the culmination of months of work leading up to this big moment, building character along the way and teaching these young participants lifelong lessons. 


The Wetzel Family enjoying the State Fair Livestock Auction


Pattern Energy is proud to sponsor the New Mexico State Fair Junior Livestock Pavilion this year, and enjoyed supporting New Mexico’s youth by purchasing animals at auction as well. 


The 2022 New Mexico State Fair Queen Deanne Guthrie


Winners Circle

Once each auction ended, the young competitor that raised it walked it to the photo backdrop to celebrate along with family and the animal’s purchaser.


Kevin Wetzel (Pattern Energy) with the winning goat he bought and the young woman who raised and showed it


The mood in the livestock hall was lively and festive as people applauded for their favorite animals to do well.  The day was a success, and there were smiles all around as the auction drew to a successful close.