St. Joseph Wind

Rural Municipality of Montcalm, Manitoba



Commercial Operation 2011
Facility Megawatt Capacity 138
Owned Megawatts 138
Equipment Manufacturer Siemens
Equipment Model SWT-2.3-101
Equipment Quantity 60
Power Purchaser Manitoba Hydro
Revenue Type PPA
Contract Tenor 2039
73 Million

gallons of water conserved


metric tons of CO2 avoided


houses powered

*how we arrived at these numbers

*Offset metrics are based on comparison with region coal fleet emissions when available or average US coal fleet

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St. Joseph Wind is located near St. Joseph, Manitoba, in the rural municipalities of Montcalm and Rhineland, just north of the U.S. border. St. Joseph Wind was the second commercial wind power project in Manitoba and is still the largest in the province.


The local community initiated the St. Joseph Wind project, and after careful consideration of many proposals, they chose Pattern as their partner. The shared vision and camaraderie established between our team and the community during project development have persisted.

Over the life of the facility, St. Joseph Wind will create a significant source of renewable energy and tax revenue for the region, including an estimated $38 million of payments to landholders and an additional $44 million in local municipal taxes. Two-thirds of the tax revenue goes to education and one third goes to the host communities.

St Joseph Wind created 375 jobs during the construction phase using a workforce consisting of 75% Manitobans and an additional 18% of workers from other Canadian provinces. St Joseph Wind employs approximately 10 operations and maintenance personnel.


The site is on agricultural land leased from 64 private landowners. The facility generates enough clean energy to power 50,000 Manitoba homes. Each year we conserve enough water to meet the needs of more than 8,300 Manitobans and offset the CO2 equivalent to removing more than 88,000 cars from the road.


The 138 MW facility consists of 60 Siemens 2.3 MW turbines and reached commercial operations in 2011. All of St. Joseph Wind's electricity generation and environmental attributes are sold to Manitoba Hydro under a long-term power purchase agreement.

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