Belle River Wind

Town of Lakeshore, Ontario

Commercial Operation 2017
Facility Megawatt Capacity 100
Owned Megawatts 43
Equipment Manufacturer Siemens
Equipment Model SWT-3.2-113
Equipment Quantity 40
Power Purchaser Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)
Revenue Type PPA
Contract Tenor 20 year
190 Million

gallons of water conserved


metric tons of CO2 avoided


houses powered

*how we arrived at these numbers

*Offset metrics are based on comparison with region coal fleet emissions when available or average US coal fleet

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Belle River Wind, located in the Town of Lakeshore in southwestern Ontario, is one of our newest facilities. It is run as partnership between Pattern Development and Samsung Renewable Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Samsung C&T Corporation.


The facility contributes to tax base with estimated $220,000 a year benefitting the town of Lakeshore, Essex County, and local schools. We are actively involved with the surrounding communities and are continually seeking sponsorship opportunities for our Community Benefit Fund.

At the peak of the project’s construction, 235 construction employees were on site. The site is staffed by 10 full-time employees to operate and maintain the facility.


Belle River Wind generates enough clean energy to power approximately 35,000 Ontario homes. Each year the facility conserves the equivalent water usage of 9,000 people and contributes to offsets of CO2 akin to removing more 60,000 cars from the roads.

In 1998, the Ontario Medical Association declared air pollution a public health crisis in Ontario with coal-fired power plants being major contributors to the smog problem. In 2002, the Province committed to phasing out coal-fired generation, and the development of wind energy helped Ontario meet that goal in 2014. We are proud to be an ongoing part of the solution.


The 100 MW Belle River Wind facility runs 40 Siemens wind turbines, built with 95% Ontario-based labor and supplies. It reached commercial operation in late 2017.

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