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Energy for Generations

Pattern Energy is a leading U.S.-based independent renewable energy company. In everything we do, we are guided by our long-term commitment to serve our customers, protect the environment, strengthen communities, support our teams, and create value for our investors.


Together with our privately held affiliate Pattern Development*, we seek opportunities for new growth across the spectrum of wind, solar, transmission, storage, and advanced energy technologies. We have utility-scale projects in the U.S., Canada, and Japan, as well as additional development projects in Mexico.

* Structure of entities
Pattern Energy refers to Pattern Energy Group Inc.

Pattern Development 1.0 refers to Pattern Energy Group Holdings LP and its subsidiaries.

Pattern Development 2.0 refers to Pattern Energy Group Holdings 2 LP and its subsidiaries.

Pattern Development 1.0 and Pattern Development 2.0 are sometimes referred to together as Pattern Development.

Pattern Energy owns approximately 20% of Pattern Energy Group Holdings 2 LP.


Bringing the future into focus

Every day we work toward our mission of transitioning the world to renewable energy.

We contribute to the global supply of low cost, renewably sourced energy, which reduces dependency on fossil fuels, provides opportunities for mitigating greenhouse gases, and contributes to energy security.

The vision for our company’s future is guided by our Pattern 2020 initiative which sets out measurable goals and guideposts for our growth into the next decade and beyond.

best-place-to-work2.pngBe the best place to work in the industry

By nurturing our culture of creativity and teamwork, providing state-of-the-art tools, and living our mission every day, we aim to be the most desirable employer in the renewable industry.

double-in-size2.pngDouble in size

By developing advanced renewable energy products, expanding our teams, and pursuing new access to funding and energy generation, we aim to double the megawatts we own or manage by the end of 2020.

infrastructure-assets.pngBe a top competitor

With our ambitious team, advanced and hybrid technologies, and continually improving processes, we aim to continue as an industry leader.




2020 Vision

June 29, 2017
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Highlighting our vision for the future at Investor Day 2017.

One Pattern

Powering the future together

Pattern Energy is a U.S.-based, independent renewable power company. In everything we do, we are guided by our long-term commitment to serving our customers, protecting the environment, strengthening communities, supporting our teams and creating value for our shareholders.

We operate utility scale wind and solar facilities throughout the U.S., Canada, and Japan with a portfolio that has almost tripled since going public in 2013. Together with our privately held affiliate Pattern Development, we create opportunities for growth across the spectrum of renewable energy from wind and solar to transmission and energy storage. Although Pattern Energy and Pattern Development are legally separate with different ownership, we are aligned in leadership, mission, vision, and values. Pattern Energy is the largest single owner of interests in Pattern Development and has a right of first offer on all projects Pattern Development looks to sell.


A Shared Mission

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CEO Mike Garland describes Pattern Energy's vision and the beneficial relationship between “Pattern Energy” and “Pattern Development.”


Origins and Organic Growth

Pattern began in 2009 as a renewable energy development startup, offering a compelling risk-reward tradeoff based on our capital access and management expertise. The business grew quickly. As our early projects began operations, we concluded that launching a publicly listed company to own and operate our generation facilities was the best way to pursue our mission of transitioning the world to renewable energy.

In 2013, Pattern Energy held its initial public offering and acquired its first batch of operating assets from Pattern Development, which remained privately held. Since the IPO, the collaboration between our companies has helped Pattern Energy almost triple in size, with more on the horizon. In 2017, Pattern Energy became a minority investor in Pattern Development. Today, our cross-company relationship unlocks unique opportunities for growth and diversity, helping us achieve improved returns for our shareholders while managing our risk.