Giving Back to Belle River

April 6, 2023

The Belle River Wind team has big plans for giving back to the community this year. 

Through a combination of sponsorships and contributions to local events and fundraisers, Facility Manager Jonathan Miranda, Assistant Facility Manager Chris Carr, and Site Logistics Coordinator Lana Downer-Arispe are looking forward to getting more involved with the people and organizations making a positive impact around Belle River. 

The trio isn’t just waiting for sponsorship requests to come in. They’re actively finding out what the community needs and how they can help.

Lana and Jonathan delivering donations to a holiday program in Belle River.

Reaching Out

“Being involved in different areas of our local community, we’ve noticed how much impact the pandemic had on businesses and families. We looked around trying to find ways to make a difference,” Lana explains.

Last Christmas, the team reached out to the local Children’s Aid Society that was organizing a holiday program to support families in the Belle River area.

“We wanted to help four families. Each family filled out a form outlining their wish list. We went through the lists and tried to complete as much of it as we could by going out as a team to our local stores and buying what was on the lists,” Lana explains. “I think this is an amazing program. As a team, we were super excited to be a part of it,” says Lana.

At the entrance to the collection location.

Taking Notice

Their proactive approach to getting involved has helped the team find and connect with organizations that are quietly making a big difference.

“Being in the community, hearing about what needs are out there, and talking to people —that’s how we’re finding ways to help out,” Lana explains.

It only takes a bit of curiosity, as Jonathan discovered several months ago.

“Last year, I was driving in the area and saw a sign about the Windsor Lifeline Outreach. I noticed that there was a huge lineup of people at the entrance, so I pulled over and saw that the lineup was even bigger than I thought. I did some research on the organization and started to see what they were doing and the benefits they were bringing to the community,” Jonathan says.

Windsor Lifeline Outreach provides food and resources to members of the community who need the extra support.

Jonathan and Chris after a recent shopping trip to support a donation drive.

Building Stronger Relationships

Finding out what the community’s needs are and reaching out to the groups doing the work is a big part of giving back, but it doesn’t stop there.

Lana explains, “We’ve had quite a few organizations reach out to us for sponsorship this year. I am always keeping my eyes open and reaching out to organizations we’ve supported in the past to see if they have other events they’re planning that we can help with. It’s more than just a one time thing for us; we want to build a relationship with them.”

“We want to enhance our community because we all live in it. We get to touch a lot of different areas of our community,” Lana says.

Lana purchasing some toys for local families last Christmas.

Part of the Community

With plans to continue supporting nonprofit groups, charities, schools, events, and fundraisers, Jonathan knows it’s also important to show how Belle River Wind is part of the community as well.

“We not only want to show that renewable energy is around us and part of our future; we want to show we care about the community and the people who live here,” Jonathan says.

Charities and nonprofit organizations interested in working with Belle River Wind can find more information HERE.