Fowler Easter Egg Hunt

April 5, 2022

The town of Fowler is happy to let the community know that they are putting on their annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 16th, at 10 a.m. sharp (Everyone be on time!) I got together recently with Laura Fisher, the Events Coordinator for Fowler, and she shared the details of the event with me as well as the excitement the kids feel every year.

Lots of towns have Easter egg hunts, and so Laura and I talked about its history and how things work now that she is in charge of making sure it’s successful. “I’m from Fowler,” Fisher laughed, “and I used to do the Easter Egg Hunt as a kid, so I know what I’m talking about when I say it’s a fun event!”

To keep it fair for the (very) eager participants, they have split the kids into four different groups:

Under Preschool

Preschool to Kindergarten 

Grades 1-3 

Grades 4-6

All the kids line up in a row in between some trees, and then…. then they have to wait for the whistle.

As anyone who has been a kid can recall, waiting for permission to go look for toys and candy can be hard, but Laura doesn’t make them wait long. Once the whistle is blown, the kids run through the grass, looking for the plastic eggs filled with candy.

As if the candy weren’t enough, there are also toys strewn through the area for the kids to claim as prizes. “We have frisbees, big bouncy balls, all toys that encourage kids to go outside and play,” she told me.

The Mystery Eggs

Yes, there are frisbees, bouncy balls, chocolate eggs and more, but Laura was able to include a special prize; in each age group, there are four individual eggs with a camouflage pattern on them, and each one of those eggs has a more exciting prize in it for the lucky child who finds it.

“All of the prizes stay within the theme of getting kids outside to play,” Fisher said. The prizes are things like a tent, basketball, fishing poles, a slip n’ slide (Laura said this is very popular), water pistols, a horseshoe game and more.

In our current world, where things have been challenging, it’s the regular things that can make a difference, and for Fowler, the Easter Egg Hunt seems like a great way to celebrate Easter, the coming of the spring, and a bright outlook for the year.

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