Location Peace Region, British Columbia
Power Purchaser BC Hydro
Turbine Manufacturer General Electric
Turbine Size 2.53 MW - 3.2 MW
Number of Turbines 61
Project Capacity 179 MW
Revenue PPA
Contract Tenor 2042
Target Commercial Operation Q1 2017

Meikle Wind is the largest wind power facility in British Columbia with the capacity to generate clean energy for up to 54,000 homes in the province. Meikle Wind is a 179 MW facility located in the Peace Region of British Columbia, approximately 33 km north of Tumbler Ridge.

The facility consists of 61 GE turbines ranging in size from 2.53 MW to 3.2 MW. The project’s innovative layout, developed in collaboration with GE, incorporates two different turbine models consisting of varying rotor sizes and hub heights.  This design was developed to capture the most energy from the ridgelines, accounting for varying wind speeds, wind shear, turbulence and inflow angles.

The Meikle Wind project began construction in the fourth quarter of 2014 and commenced commercial operations in the first quarter of 2017. Construction was performed by Borea Construction. During construction, construction workers made the discovery of fossilized tracks of a rare dinosaur, which were donated to the Tumbler Ridge Museum.

The project sells 100% of its electrical output and environmental attributes under a 25-year power purchase agreement with BC Hydro.