Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge

Amazon Wind Farm (Fowler Ridge) map

Location Benton County, Indiana
Power Purchaser Amazon Inc.
Turbine Manufacturer Siemens
Turbine Model Siemens SWT-2.3-108
Number of Turbines 65
Project Capacity 150 MW
Revenue PPA
Contract Tenor 13-year power purchase agreement (PPA) to supply power to Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company
Commercial Operation Q4 2015

Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge is a 150 MW wind power facility located in Benton County, Indiana. The facility has entered into a 13-year power purchase agreement with Amazon to supply electricity to the electric grids that service Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) datacenters. The facility reached commercial operation in December 2015.

Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge utilizes 65 American-made wind turbines. The turbine blades were manufactured at the Siemens factory in Ft. Madison, Iowa and the nacelles at the Siemens factory in Hutchinson, Kansas. The turbine towers were made in Wisconsin by Broadwind and in Michigan by Ventower. The pad-mount transformers for the project will come from the Siemens facility in Richland, Mississippi.

Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge is expected to generate energy equal to the electricity needs of approximately 46,000 U.S. homes each year.