The Albuquerque Podcast for Parents

Ed Domain

June 30, 2020


Starting off with what sounds like a harp segues into a brief, bass heavy melody that invokes the chill out section of a club, followed a few seconds later by the voices of Lorenzo and Lindsey Dominguez, the creators and hosts of “Parenting Vs Podcast.”

I met up with Lorenzo and Lindsey during the recent rain in Albuquerque to learn more about why they launched it.

“Parenting vs. Podcast started out of Lindsey and my need to create,” said Lorenzo. “We are both very creative and vocal in our own ways, and we thought and discussed how we could voice what’s going on in our heads about parenting, and about life in general.”



Lindsey nodded in agreement and added: “Parenting has always been a scary thing for me and I think being able to be honest about it, for better or worse and having a sense of humor is what makes our podcast unique. You’re not going to find Pinterest Parenting tips or anything that’s going to make you feel like you’re not living up to those invisible parent standards out there. We are raw (sometimes to a fault) but I also think it helps other parents when they hear “hey! You’re not alone in this!” Parenting doesn’t have to be lonely. We are all in this crazy child rearing learning curve together.”


“…be ready for baby poop explosions. Not kidding. That’s what nobody talks about until you have your own kids and find out the hard way.”


Lorenzo emphasized he and Lindsey do not consider themselves perfect. “Our podcast is not meant to come from a point of view where we are experts giving advice to other parents,” he said. “It is a podcast communicating to other parents the hardships, frustrations, angst, and changes that parenting brings to adult lives and the lives of our kids. We try to be honest with our imperfections, we try to be honest about marriage, and sometimes our podcasts episodes are not pretty. However, we hope that sharing in some struggles with other parents and families we can bring hope to other people letting them know they aren’t alone while reflecting on our own parenting and marriage and improving upon those things for us.”



When I asked Lindsey, “What advice, then, would you give parents?” she laughed and replied, “I’m always the first to admit that you should ignore other people’s parenting advice because they aren’t you, they don’t know your child, and every child is different! Secondly though, if we’re getting into real talk or ‘the nitty gritty’ as we say on the podcast, it’s be ready for baby poop explosions. Not kidding. That’s what nobody talks about until you have your own kids and find out the hard way. Always have a plastic bin in your trunk with extra clothes, and baby wipes for you and your baby, because Murphy’s law is always in full effect with a newborn. I have seen tiny humans make inhuman messes and I wish somebody would have warned me. Also, to answer that new parent question, YES! It’s normal! The more you know,” and then we laughed a bit more.

You can find this dynamic duo on twitter: @parentingvspod, Instagram: @parentingvspodcast Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio or wherever you search out your podcasts.

Some of you eagle eyed readers will recognize Lindsey as the co-host of, “What’s Up Abq?” podcast, with her brother.