Saline County Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol and Rescue Squad

April 6, 2023

The Saline County Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol and Rescue Squad is a group of highly skilled volunteers specializing in search, rescue, and recovery efforts in Saline County, Kansas. Led by CEO and Commander Bill Cook and CFO Cain Humphrey, this nonprofit organization is dedicated to saving lives by providing the best possible response tactics and resources to the region.

Past and present members of the Saline County Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol and Rescue Squad


Specialized Skills

One of the squad’s specialties is mounted rescue, which allows them to reach people in locations inaccessible by motor vehicles. “The last two members to join our team brought trained search and rescue dogs with them,” Cook says. “They have integrated seamlessly with our horses and made the mounted patrol even more effective.”

The squad is also equipped to handle water rescues, which can be extremely difficult and dangerous. According to Cook, the water in Saline County is often deep and typically murky, making rescue efforts even more challenging.

Rescuing people trapped in deep water or under ice is a specialty

Despite the dangers, the squad remains committed to their mission. All members of the squad are volunteers. They supply their own equipment and uniforms, and use their own vehicles to reach accident sites.

Part of the crew’s strength comes from its membership’s diverse backgrounds. The team includes cowboys, military veterans, EMTs, and firefighters. 

While the squad works under the auspices of the local sheriff’s office, their expenses are covered by grants and their annual rodeo fundraiser event. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the rodeo since 2020. “It made things more difficult, but we’re bringing the rodeo back,” Cook said. The date of the rodeo’s return has not yet been decided.

Making food deliveries in the community

Levels of Service

There are three levels to being a member of the squad, each coming with more training and responsibilities:

Level 3: Honorary member or a former member who’s now retired

Level 2: Volunteer members of the squad who have been training for about two years

Level 1: Sworn Sheriff’s Deputies and squad members who are considered “Reserve Deputy Force” by the attorney general of Kansas

The specialized skills and equipment of the Saline County Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol and Rescue Squad allow them to respond to a variety of situations. The team is an essential part of the community’s emergency response efforts. Their commitment to their mission and their community is inspiring, and their efforts have saved countless lives.

Pattern Energy is proud to be a sponsor of the Mounted Patrol and Rescue Squad as part of our commitment to supporting the communities where we live and work.