Stillwater Wind

Stillwater County, Montana

Landowners realized the area was prime for harvesting the wind and worked with multiple developers for over a decade before Pattern purchased the project in 2017 and took it into construction.

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  • Montana-based companies built the project in 2018, including Dick Anderson Construction for civil and mechanical work and EPC Services Company as the lead electrical contractor. Approximately six full-time team members operate and maintain the facility, in addition to the use of local contractors.  

  • Over the first 25 years of operations, Stillwater Wind expects to pay more than $18 million in taxes and landowner royalties, helping to preserve ranches that have been in families for generations. 

Supporting communities where we have a presence is one of our core commitments. When the local school district discovered they could no longer use a 100-year-old elementary school, Stillwater Wind contributed funds to help replace the buildings and get the children back into their school.

We place great importance on being an active part of the local communities where we have a presence.

Please let us know if your group would like a presentation or if you have suggestions for community sponsorships and local causes we can support. 

Stillwater Wind utilizes 31 American-made Siemens Gamesa wind turbines comprised of five 2.3 MW turbines with 108-meter rotors and twenty-six 2.625 MW turbines with 120-meter rotors.

NorthWestern Energy purchases the 80 MW facility’s electricity generation, which is equal to the needs of about 65,000 people each year, under a 25-year power purchase agreement.

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