Pattern – Faces of Wind Profiles – Craig Williams

Pattern Energy Stories

September 29, 2020

Craig Williams is a Revenue Manager working out of Pattern’s corporate offices in Houston, TX. He’s been with Pattern since early 2018, and spends his time wading through meter data and other production metrics connected to the accurate billing of Pattern customers as well as the timely collection of receipts. His focus is analysis, mostly concerning the amount of energy generated by sites across the Pattern map, and their resulting revenue. He keeps his finger on the pulse of the energy markets and their constant fluctuations. Craig is keenly aware of energy’s ubiquity in Texas, specifically Houston. Out here is oil and gas country, but that’s beginning to change. “Pattern opened my eyes to the fact that the renewable space is as large as it is,” Craig said. With renewables, and Pattern specifically, the environment is a top priority. “With wind, it’s all upside,” he said. “At Pattern, environmental concerns are at the vanguard of operational decisions.” 

Beyond their environmental efforts, however, Pattern’s connection to its employees and their families is what impresses Craig the most. Following the devastation of 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, the city of Houston was reeling. “Management had deep concerns about the folks who work here,” he said.” After the storm had passed and employees returned to the office, people were encouraged to share their stories–and management was listening. “I remember a phrase you heard every day from management was, ‘do you need anything?’” he said. “They wanted to help however they could.” Craig is excited about the future of wind power. “Renewables are a few breakthroughs away from expanding significantly. If they can figure out how to efficiently store solar and wind energy, that’s game changing.” Craig said that Pattern’s social and environmental causes, sets them apart as a “different kind of player in the energy space.” Pattern is “a company with a cause,” he said. “And that cause is renewable energy.”