Huge wind project developing in Central New Mexico

June 2, 2022

By Rick Ruggles
Santa Fe New Mexican


One of the biggest wind-energy projects in the world is being whipped up in Central New Mexico, a giant stride for the state’s role in renewable energy.

The overseer of the project, Pattern Energy, already has completed a New Mexico project called Western Spirit that will provide electricity to Los Angeles, San Jose and other California cities. Pattern Energy has scheduled a bigger New Mexico project, called SunZia, for completion in early 2026.

Proponents say the potential for wind-aided power could generate a profound shift in New Mexico, allowing two things it possesses in abundance — endless gusts and huge stretches of empty land — to be widely used to create energy and make money.

The wind, an adversary during this tragic wildfire season in New Mexico, could be tamed and turned into a source of electricity for this state and others, proponents say. And with climate change a growing menace, renewable sources of energy such as wind and sun are in demand.

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