Heritage Prairie Renewable Becomes Member of Dwight Economic Alliance

April 16, 2024

Heritage Prairie Renewable is now a member of the Dwight Economic Alliance.

Now in its tenth year, the nonprofit Dwight Economic Alliance was formed by local organizations who combined their resources and efforts to strengthen the economic wellbeing of the Dwight community. 

The organization collaborates with and supports existing Dwight businesses to ensure their success. They also work to make Dwight a more attractive place to live and work, potentially attracting new residents and businesses.

They achieve this by promoting Dwight to companies considering expansion or relocation. The organization also fosters community involvement by organizing events and volunteer opportunities. Additionally, they aim to boost tourism by increasing tourist visits and spending within Dwight.

The Dwight Economic Alliance website offers information for potential visitors interested in exploring Dwight’s shops, restaurants, historical landmarks, and Route 66 attractions. The website also highlights the advantages of living in Dwight, including a strong sense of community and business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Visit the organization’s website to learn more: http://www.dwightalliance.org/

Heritage Prairie Renewable is looking forward to learning more about the Dwight Economic Alliance and how Pattern Energy can support them and their goals.