Community festivals coming to Clovis

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March 25, 2022

The world seems to be turning a corner, and Clovis is ready to welcome back festivals this spring and summer.

Pictures from before the pandemic; summer is back this year in Clovis!

I had a chance to chat with Kim Tipton, the Clovis and Curry County Events Director (along with Membership and Leadership) to find out how Clovis was doing, and what people had to look forward to this spring and early summer.

“I’m glad you asked!” Kim exclaimed excitedly after I asked. “We had some of the same challenges as other people around the world,” she said, “and so we haven’t had our normal events for over two years, but…” she paused here, “… our festivals are BACK, and we’re so excited to welcome the world back to Clovis, New Mexico.”

“The Clovis Music Festival is back, and we’re very excited about our headline band,” Kim told me. “ow that we are sure we are having the festival, I am proud to tell you that our headline band is 38 Special.

Ever since the days of Buddy Holly and the Norman Petty Recording Studio, the town of Clovis has left its mark on Rock n’ Roll.

“The entire Globe has been coming to Clovis for years,” Kim went on, “and along with 38 Special, we’ve got other great artists coming to town.”


Events, people, and fun!

The Clovis Music Festival has been held since 1987, and will also feature Grammy-nominated, La Maquinaria Norteña, famous for their Norteño sax style, and American Idol finalist (and Christian music star) Danny Gokey.

While everyone is enjoying music, Draggin’ Main 2022 is taking place June 12-18 and will feature people descending on Clovis with their classic rides, which is always fun for everyone. People like to line the streets to watch the cool cars come by.

Early June sees the Clovis Pioneer Days PRCA Rodeo come to town, and will take place every night at 7:30 p.m.

Finally, the 39th Plateau Custom Classic softball tournament for men and women takes place June 24-26.

Summer is back

After several tough years for everyone, it’s exciting to see events back on the calendar in New Mexico, and all of the events listed here are back in Clovis for a fun summer the whole community will enjoy.

See you in Clovis.


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