A Special Delivery for The Wilson Daycare Center

November 25, 2022

A new daycare center, called The Wilson Daycare Center, is opening in the Wilson Elementary School to provide child care for children aged 6 weeks to  12 years old. 

The Administrator of the daycare is Macy Squires, who was approached about the role due to her history and certifications and dedication to supporting the unique qualities and experiences of children as the grow.

Macy Squires, Administrator of The Wilson Daycare Center


Pattern Energy volunteers with some donated items

“When I was approached about being the Administrator of the daycare, I had been living in Wilson for two years,” Squires said. “I wanted to ensure it was the right type of space for children and went to see the room we’d be working out of. I saw that it had what would be needed and really, it was perfect.”

The Daycare Today

The Wilson Daycare will be run from an available  classroom in Wilson Elementary which  has features important to caring for a young group of children.

“The room has its own bathroom, and the facilities are all child-sized, which means we’ll have everything we’ll need in one place,” Squires said.

Preparations to officially open the daycare have been long. Squires said it takes time to get licensing from the state, apply for grants, and meet the  list of requirements to be ready. Once open, there will be space for 12 children in an all-day program.

“We are targeting an opening for January of 2023,” Squires said. “It’s a lot of work, but we’re almost there, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of our community partners like Pattern Energy.”

Special Delivery

One of the core values at Pattern Energy is supporting the communities of which we are a part. When the team at Post Rock Wind found out about the new daycare coming to the community, Pattern Energy donated funds to purchase many of the items they’d need.

The Post Rock team were also happy to lend a hand gathering and assembling various toys, furniture, and equipment delivered for the daycare in early November.

“Small communities really benefit from our partners like Pattern Energy,” Squires said. “We’re helping families by helping their kids grow and develop into the citizens of our community, and it’s an honor to do the work I do.”

Staff of two

Macy, 22, and her sister, 20, will be running the daycare. Each are current employees of Wilson Elementary and have certifications in child care necessary for their roles.

“There are times people hear the word daycare and think, “Oh, you take care of kids, like I’m a babysitter,” Squires said. “That is a misconception. We are licensed not only to look after children, but we can do a lot more, including being  certified to administer their medications, should they have any they need to take while at school.”

“Caring for children is more than babysitting,” Squires said. “We are dealing with tiny people that have their own thoughts and emotions, and you want the people caring for them to know what they are doing and be able to articulate thoughts in a way children can readily grasp.”

Squires said most people know the work involved in a daycare, and are excited one is opening in Wilson Elementary. 

“I was the oldest of four among my siblings,” Squires said, “so really, I’ve been taking care of kids for years before I did it professionally. I’ve worked as a nanny and I’ve always had a passion for taking care of helping kids. This new role fits in perfectly with my experience, and we can’t wait to get started!”