Un mate muy canadiense


abril 7, 2021

Rob Worling, an Ottawa Ice Cross athlete, has gone viral.

Over at Ontario-based Canoe, they caught up with the 24-year-old after his slam dunk on ice skates went viral via his TikTok page.

Worling is an active Ice Cross athlete, and the sport is relatively new, with a whole lot of thrilling speed and dangerous turns at up to speeds of 80 kilometres per hour.

Worling and two friends were looking for ways to spice up their training when a basketball net frozen in the snow gave him an idea. He and his friends spent ten days shovelling and water pumping to make their Ice Cross-training track and adding in a slam dunk attempt seemed like the perfect addition. (Okay, it took him five tries, but wow!)

You can see the shot from YouTube above- to read the rest, and to find out if he landed okay, head over to the main story