Protecting Biodiversity

The wind energy industry is committed to growing sustainably. Understanding how wildlife interacts with wind energy facilities is key to sustainable growth. We have taken a leadership role in collaborative efforts to advance research to minimize and mitigate potential negative impacts. We work closely with industry peers and environmental non-governmental organizations



American Wind Wildlife Institute Founder; Board of Directors
Energy Wildlife Action Coalition Founder; Steering Committee
Avian Powerline Interaction Committee Participant
AWEA Eagle Committee Chair
AWEA Migratory Birds Committee Participant
CanWEA National Siting and Environmental Issues Group Founder; Participant
Canada Wind Energy Bird and Bat Monitoring Database Steering Committee Industry Representative


The Wind Wildlife Research Fund is an innovative mechanism housed within the American Wind Wildlife Institute and created to finance research that advances the understanding of technologies and strategies to reduce or avoid negative wind-wildlife interactions. With investments from 30 wind energy companies, including Pattern Energy, research projects are underway for 2019, and intensive planning is informing research slated for 2020 and beyond.

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