Building Strong and Resourceful Teams


We seek to create a positive, healthy work environment that provides our employees a path forward for personal and professional development. Many of the programs and benefits we offer are in response to employee feedback.

We conduct in-depth engagement surveys with Pattern Energy and Pattern Development employees every 12-18 months, and we monitor our progress on key issues with briefer “pulse” surveys between engagement surveys. Our survey responses and the level of employee engagement indicate that our employees like their work, find it meaningful, and feel cared for and valued.

The development opportunities we offer employees are intended to help them do their jobs better and live more fulfilling lives. In addition to training programs to improve work-oriented competencies and help advance their careers, we offer resources to improve soft skills and social awareness.

Through our Integrated Talent Management System, launched in 2018, employees have access to monthly “Learning Playlists” comprised of videos or podcasts on topics ranging from LGBTQ issues and emotional intelligence to tools and tactics for having difficult conversations. These optional, self-directed resources are designed to promote our values and provide a way for employees to become better informed about important topics.

Frequent, open communication with our workforce is vital to engagement so we provide relevant information on a regular basis. Our Employee Social Network, “The Current,” serves as an online platform for a variety of content, including a monthly leadership message from our CEO. We also have digital media boards in our corporate offices and at our sites, which we use to share updates and create a sense of connectedness across our workforce.


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