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The renewable energy industry is dynamic and growing, and a strong organizational culture is vital to the sustainable growth and success of our company.

We work closely with our employees to implement sound leadership practices and provide competitive benefits that support their health, well-being, and professional development. Our goal is to attract top talent and be recognized as one of the best places to work in our industry.

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Management Approach

The Pattern Energy employee experience begins with talent acquisition. We actively recruit people with diverse backgrounds and the skills needed to innovate and improve our competitiveness in the market. Once new hires join our team, they undergo orientation that covers our values, ethics, and company policies, as well as safety training for new field staff.

Employee engagement is a priority, and we survey worker satisfaction on a regular basis. Senior leadership is apprised of the organizational strengths and weaknesses identified from the surveys, which helps us dedicate the resources needed to address problems and pursue opportunities that support retention.

We aim to meet or exceed the industry average for base salary and variable compensation for our employees in different locations, and our benefits program provides options designed to meet the varied life stages of our age-diverse workforce.

A compensation study was conducted in 2017, and as a result, a “Total Rewards” infrastructure was created in 2018. Our Benefits Rejuvenation Initiative is underway to maintain our competitiveness in the marketplace, while also being fiscally responsible.



Workforce Practices

  • Uphold an equal opportunity policy that promotes diversity and inclusion.
  • Maintain an open-door policy where employees feel free to express their concerns to leadership in confidence.
  • Nourish inclusion and a sense of community by providing space for our employees to convene.
  • Offer competitive compensation and benefits, as well as other non-monetary recognition and perks.
  • Provide new hire orientations and ongoing learning opportunities to strengthen our team’s capabilities.
  • Support a Wellness Program that offers employee perks, such as chair massages, body mass index tests, flu shots, and other activities.
  • Regularly update our employee handbook to reflect shifting workplace dynamics.
  • Maintain a training matrix that lists organizational needs, skills, training opportunities, and expectations, while also capturing completion rates and other metrics.
  • Develop talent for our future through internships.




2019 Performance Metrics

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Building Strong & Resourceful Teams

We seek to create a positive, healthy work environment that provides our employees with a path forward for personal and professional development. Many of the programs and benefits we offer are in response to employee feedback.

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Promoting Diversity & Inclusion 

We encourage our team members to build a sense of community, and this has resulted in three Affinity Networks: Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE), Blacks in Renewable Energy (BiRE), and Pattern Pride. These groups each have an executive sponsor, are sponsored and facilitated by our Human Resources department, and align with our goals by providing opportunities for mentorship, inclusion, professional development, and networking.

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Creating a Collaborative Culture

Our offices are designed with the goal of creating an enjoyable, productive, and collaborative environment.

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