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We believe working with communities and respecting local cultures results in facilities that better fit the needs of the towns that host them and contributes to our long-term success.

We prioritize relationship-building and open communication, and we aim to engage local stakeholders, address and incorporate feedback, and further local benefits. By becoming active members of our communities and being good neighbors, we build trust that helps us work together with local stakeholders to find mutually-beneficial solutions should concerns or problems arise.


Pattern for Community

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Management Approach

For project development, our community engagement efforts are informed by a Risk & Opportunity Analysis that we conduct before we begin work in a community. We create Community Relations Plans that are site-specific and document the strategies and actions we take to demonstrate our commitments in every project area.

We continue applying Community Relations Plans during facility operations, in addition to providing significant tax payments to local jurisdictions and supporting causes through sponsorships, donations, and Community Benefit Programs.

Our operational facilities in the U.S. and Canada spent nearly $8 million dollars on Community Relations and Community Benefit Programs in 2018 and approximately 5.6 million in 2019.

We rely on our Community Management System (CMS) to provide a programmatic framework for engagement and giving activities at operating facilities, and our Facility Managers and Site Logistics Coordinators participate in training on the CMS.



Community & Culture Practices

  • Honor the Statement of Community and Cultural Values that outlines our commitments to engagement and giving.
  • Conduct a Risk & Opportunity Analysis before beginning development work in a community.
  • Create Community Relations Plans that are site-specific to document the strategies and actions we take to demonstrate our commitments in every project area.
  • Maintain a Community Management System that describes the programmatic approach to implementing our commitments across our operating fleet.
  • Identify and assess potential community and cultural impacts and incorporate cost-effective mitigations into our planning and decision making.
  • Build local relationships and explore options to avoid, minimize, and mitigate unfavorable impacts, and to further positive impacts.
  • Proactively engage stakeholders during development, construction, and operations, respecting and considering all points of view.
  • Help build strong and vibrant communities through sponsorships, donations, and Community Benefit Programs.
  • Work to continually improve our overall performance, incorporating community feedback into our outreach programs and activities.



2019 Performance Metrics

Local Tax Contributions


Community Investments


Building Sustainable Relationships 

Building productive, working relationships with residents is key to exploring options to avoid, minimize, and mitigate unfavorable project impacts, as well as identifying efforts we can undertake to help the project result in ample benefits to the community. 

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Community Giving 

We believe in giving back to the communities that host our development projects and operational facilities. We contribute to local causes through sponsorships and donations throughout all project phases, and we implement Community Benefit Programs at operational Facilities.  

In addition, Pattern Energy has a corporate program that focuses on strengthening communities. Our “Pattern Helps” program creates opportunities for company-wide community engagement actions like organized volunteer efforts that provide aid to communities surrounding our facilities and corporate offices. We also encourage employees to give back to their own communities and to causes that are important to them. 

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Partnerships with Indigenous Nations

Pattern Energy operates nine facilities with local indigenous populations and four facilities with indigenous nations as partial owners.  

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Partnering with Henvey Inlet First Nation

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Chief Wayne McQuabbie describes how the Henvey Inlet Wind facility will transform their First Nation and bring their community revenue they can reinvest to make Henvey Inlet First Nation stronger.


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