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Our mission is to transition the world to renewable energy. We intend to maximize long-term commitments for our investors by sustainably developing and operating clean, renewable energy facilities in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner and with respect for communities and cultures.

We have adopted commitment statements that are fundamental to our business. Our Statements on Health & Safety, Community & Cultural, and Environmental Commitment are signed by our CEO and displayed in our corporate offices and renewable energy facilities. Each of these statements is supported by its own management system that provides the programmatic foundation for meeting our commitments.

We published our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commitment Statement in 2020. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council and Leadership Team thought it was important to document what we believe as a company and what we are committed to doing in this area. This statement will be proudly hung in all Pattern offices alongside our other three commitment statements.

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Our business is also built around the core values of creative energy and spirit, pride of ownership, and a team-first attitude, which guide us in creating a safe and high-integrity work environment, applying rigorous analysis to all aspects of our business, and working proactively with stakeholders. We emphasize our values in the Performance Management process and by giving annual awards to employees that exemplify them.

The vision for our company’s future is directed by our Pattern 2020 initiative. Launched in 2016, it sets out measurable goals and guideposts for our growth in the next decade and beyond.

By living our mission and values every day, providing employees state of the art tools and processes, developing advanced renewable energy products, expanding our teams, and pursuing new access to funding and energy generation, we aim to be the best place to work in the industry, double the megawatts we own or manage, and be a top competitor.

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