Investing in a sustainable future

Sustainability Report


Our commitment to sustainability starts at the top and is actively supported by our CEO and Board of Directors. A Sustainability Advisory Committee, whose membership consists of leaders from cross-functional disciplines at the company, provides metrics and guidance on key environmental, social, and governance topics and practices.

Our External Affairs Department leads the Sustainability Advisory Committee and is charged with facilitating the development and implementation of the sustainability program across the company, ensuring accountability through data collection, coordinated decision-making, and transparent communications. Program progress and key indicators are reported to our leadership team and Board of Directors, prompting new guidance and program evolution.

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Supply Chain Management

We view our suppliers and vendors as vital partners in bringing sustainable energy to millions of people and creating value for our host communities and society at large. We source wind turbines and major electrical equipment from a wide variety of suppliers, both domestic and international, and use North American-based engineering, procurement, and construction companies to design and build projects.

We also procure equipment, parts, and services to operate and maintain our fleet of wind energy facilities. The parts and equipment used to maintain our sites are predominantly sourced from wind turbine manufacturers with robust sustainability reporting, such as Siemens, Gamesa, and GE, and other suppliers with diverse supply chains based in North America, Europe, and Asia. The vast majority of our service providers are based in the U.S. and Canada, and we rely on suppliers in communities near our facilities for a range of needs.

In addition, we purchase goods and services to support our business activities, including Information Technology (IT) software, office supplies, insurance, employee training, and professional services for accounting, engineering, IT, and environmental matters. Overall, we rely on more than 1,000 suppliers to achieve our business objectives.

Our Master Materials and Services Contract mandates suppliers comply with all applicable laws, codes, and standards relating to human rights and child labor; limiting impacts to the environment; and prohibiting compulsory or forced labor, discriminatory employment practices, corruption, extortion, and bribery. We are working on updating our other standard procurement contracts for equipment, goods, and services to contain similar language.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Active stakeholder engagement is essential for the success of our business and for achieving our mission to transition the world to renewable energy. We define our stakeholders as entities or groups that can affect, or be affected by, our performance.

We engage and communicate with our stakeholders through a variety of methods, including in-person, written, and web-based interactions; hosting public meetings and providing presentations; participating in committees and other decision-making processes; submitting informal and formal comments on public policy and regulatory proceedings; and in the creation and adoption of industry best practices.

Working closely with our stakeholders at every stage of a project’s lifecycle supports our sustainability goals by enabling us to capture and apply a wide range of input and perspectives. This allows us to deliver products that better meet the needs of our customers and project lenders and to design and operate facilities better suited for the surrounding communities and environments.

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